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My Career Transition: Leaving Ad Tech for Real Estate

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by lindseymahoney

It has been almost a week since my last day at SpotX and I am continuing to adjust to my career transition.  I started SpotX when I first moved to Denver over 7 years ago. When I started at SpotX, it was a small ad tech start up with less than 30 employees. Since then, SpotX has expanded across the globe, employs almost 600 people and was recently acquired by the European entertainment giant, RTL. I am so proud of the company that SpotX has become and will be cheering them on from the sidelines as they continue global domination.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to begin my own business, but I will miss seeing my favorite SpotXers every day. How could I not miss this crazy crew?

A few of my Favorite SpotX Moments

Christmas party pregame
Pregaming before our Christmas Party
Trip to Napa with work friends
Trips to Napa with my work buds
Another Christmas Party Pregame party
Some of my closest work friends!
SpotX Team Building Event
Wigging out at fun work events
SpotX Halloween

Life After Ad Tech

Honestly, I am loving this first week on my own. I am more patient with the kids before and after school and I am taking my dogs on walks. I have time organize the house and plan our dinners while also remaining focused on my real estate classes and finding mobile home parks.  IT’S SO FUN!

Walking the dogs in Wheat Ridge, CO

I recently had a realization. Before this week, I was always connected to a corporate business throughout my adult life. Of course, I have taken time off from work and been on maternity leave, but my job was always on my mind. I constantly worried about what was going on in the office and frequently checked emails. After the vacation I would get the Sunday scaries.  I suppose the realization seems fairly obvious, but it reminded me again how grateful I am to have this opportunity to spend more time with my family and focus on my passion projects.

Thanks for following along as I continue to navigate this new career and lifestyle!

P.S. Did you catch my announcement that we are moving back to our hometown in Toledo, Ohio?