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Sherwin Williams Shade Grown (SW 6188) | Color Review

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It’s no secret that I am a fan of using green paint colors throughout my home! Shade Grown by Sherwin Williams is one of my favorite dark green paint colors and it was the perfect choice for our garden shed.

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

This rich, deep green offers a sense of tranquility and sophistication, making it a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. Let’s dive into a comprehensive color review to learn more about why many color experts consider this the best green paint color for your home!

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What is Shade Grown?

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

Shade Grown (SW 6188) is a dark green paint color by Sherwin Williams. It evokes the essence of dense forests and lush gardens, providing a natural and calming atmosphere. The color has a muted quality, which makes it versatile and suitable for various design styles, from modern to traditional.

Color Characteristics:

  • Hue: Green
  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): 8
  • Undertones: Slight gray and blue undertones

Color Psychology for the Color Green

The color green is associated with nature, growth, renewal, joy, and wealth, so it is not surprising that it works well anywhere in a home. When determining the best green color for your paint project, it is important to consider how you want the space to feel.

How does Shade Grown look in different lighting?

Lighting significantly affects how Shade Grown appears.

Source | Yellow Brick Home

In natural daylight, its green hues are more pronounced, while in low light or artificial lighting, it can appear deeper and more subdued. Always test a sample in your space before committing to see how it interacts with your lighting conditions.

Larger rooms with lots of natural light can handle dark green paint colors well, while a small space, like a half bathroom, without natural light may feel too dark. 

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

With every paint project, I recommend grabbing a sample pot of the color and testing it out on various areas of the room. You can apply the paint directly onto the wall or paint a large poster board and tape it to the wall at different locations throughout the room. Your local paint store should also offer peel and stick samples to test color throughout a room.

Is Shade Grown too dark for interior spaces?

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green
Source | HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams

Shade Grown is indeed a dark color, with an LRV (light reflective value) of 8, meaning it reflects very little light. However, when used thoughtfully, it can create a cozy, dramatic effect.

It’s perfect for accent walls, cabinetry, and spaces where you want to create an intimate atmosphere. Pair it with lighter colors and ample lighting to balance its depth.

What colors complement Shade Grown?

Shade Grown pairs beautifully with a range of colors. For a sophisticated palette, consider pairing it with:

  • Neutrals: Whites (like Pure White SW 7005) and creams
  • Accents: Gold, brass, or copper
  • Other Colors: Soft blush pinks, muted blues, and earthy browns

Sherwin Williams Coordinating Color Palette:

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Coordinating color palette

Where can I use Shade Grown in my Home?

Bathroom Vanities: Painting an old vanity a dark green instantly grounds the space and gives a bathroom a fresh and modern feel.

Kitchen Cabinets: Painting kitchen cabinets green is another popular choice that works great in many design styles

Laundry Room: Bring the outdoors in and a feeling of serenity while cleaning your clothes and add some green into your laundry room design.

Living Room: Dark colors work really well in large, open spaces, like a living room or family room.

Similar Green Paint Colors

Looking for a different green color or a shade from a different paint brand? Here are a few great options for you to check out!

Is Shade Grown suitable for exterior use?

Absolutely! Shade Grown can create a striking exterior, especially when used on front doors, shutters, or siding. In my opinion, it is one of the best places to use this beautiful green color. It complements natural surroundings beautifully and pairs well with both brick and stone.

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

When painting the exterior of a dwelling, it is important to use a paint product specifically for the outdoors. For our garden shed, I used Sherwin-Williams A-100 Exterior Latex Paint that is formulated to withstand the outdoor elements.

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

I chose a satin sheen for the exterior which has a low-luster finish and is easy to clean. Eventually, I plan to paint the shutters on our home Shade Grown as well to coordinate with the shed in the backyard.

Is Shade Grown a Warm or Cool Color?

This dark green color is considered a cool color with its blue gray undertones.

Comparing Shade Grown to Similar Colors

Shade Grown vs. Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

Evergreen Fog is another popular green from Sherwin Williams and the 2023 color of the year. Evergreen Fog has a lighter, more muted appearance compared to Shade Grown.

  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, making it much lighter and more reflective.
  • Undertones: Evergreen Fog has gray and slight blue undertones, similar to Shade Grown but more pronounced due to its lighter nature.
  • Usage: Evergreen Fog is ideal for larger areas where you want a soft look without the intensity of a darker color. It’s great for foyers, living rooms, and entire house palettes.

Shade Grown vs. Pewter Green (SW 6208)

Sherwin Williams Shade Grown Paint Color Review | Dark Green

Pewter Green is another dark green option that’s often compared to Shade Grown.

  • Light Reflectance Value (LRV): Pewter Green has an LRV of 12, slightly higher than Shade Grown, but still quite dark.
  • Undertones: Pewter Green has more pronounced gray undertones, giving it a more subdued, earthy feel compared to the lushness of Shade Grown.
  • Usage: Like Shade Grown, Pewter Green works well in creating cozy, sophisticated spaces. It’s excellent for kitchens, libraries, and exteriors.

Favorite Sherwin-Williams Green Paint Colors Used at Home

Shade Grown Hexadecimal Color Code and RGB Values

Hex Value: #4E5147

RGB: 78 / 81 / 71

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or create a serene sanctuary, Sherwin Williams Shade Grown is a color worth considering. With so many different shades of green to choose from, I hope this paint color review has helped you narrow down your decision!

Happy painting!

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