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The Ultimate Guide to Hanging a Window Box

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Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by lindseymahoney

If you’re looking to add some charm and beauty to your home, hanging a window box is a great option. Whether you want to showcase colorful flowers or grow your own herbs, this ultimate guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make the process of hanging a window box a breeze.

How to hang a window box yourself

How to Easily Hang Window Flower Boxes for Instant Charm

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I added two window boxes under the windows of our freshly painted shed. A few months ago we had a Tuff Shed installed in our backyard for garden and pool storage. It is a bonus that it also looks adorable tucked into our garden bed!

For the window boxes, I chose one with a self-watering tray and made of weather resistant material. Because of the self-watering tray, I chose window brackets with the front lip so the window box sits on top of the brackets without having to drill into it at all.

Materials Used for the Project

1 | Choose the Right Window Box

Hanging window boxes on a dark green shed | DIY

Before you start hanging a window box, it’s important to choose the right one for your home. Consider the style and color of your house, as well as the size and shape of your windows.

What window box style fits best with my home?

There are many different types of window boxes available, including wooden, metal, and plastic options. Take some time to research and find the perfect window box that will complement your home’s exterior and meet your gardening needs.

For example, I chose a more traditional window box design, because the exterior of my home (and shed) have more of a traditional style.

What is the best size for a window box?

To determine the best size for a window box, I recommend matching the width of the window or the width of the window plus the trim. The windows on our shed are 24 inches wide, so my window box is 24 inches wide.

What is the best color for window boxes?

You can choose any color you want for the window boxes. If your home has a color scheme, I recommend factoring this into your decision. When I chose the colors to paint our shed, I knew that I wanted a few pops of black against the dark green siding. Black window boxes were the perfect black accent for the exterior of the shed.

2 | Measure and Mark the Placement

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

Once you have chosen the perfect window box, it’s time to measure and mark the placement on your home. Start by measuring the width of your window and determining how far down you want the window box to hang.

Use a pencil to mark the desired placement on the wall or siding. Make sure to take into account any obstructions such as window frames or shutters. It’s also important to ensure that the window box will be level, so use a level tool to double-check your markings.

Window Box Bracket Placement

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

I marked the center of the window, then measured and found the center of the window box.

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

The exact width of the window box is 22.5 inches. This makes the distance to the center 11.25 inches. I wanted the brackets to be centered on each half of the window box which comes to approximately 5 inches from the center.

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

When I first attempted this step, I hung the bracket directly under the window trim. This was too high and the top of the window box sat above the wood trim.

To avoid this mistake again, I held the window box where I wanted the top to sit and placed the bracket under the box. Next, I made a mark where the bottom of the bracket would sit.

3 | Pre-drill Holes for Mounting Brackets

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

Before you can hang your window box, you’ll need to pre-drill holes for the mounting brackets. This step is crucial to ensure that the brackets are securely attached to your home. Start by placing the brackets on the marked spots and use a pencil to mark the screw holes.

Then, use a drill with the appropriate size drill bit to create the holes. Make sure to drill straight and at a slight downward angle to prevent water from pooling in the holes.

4 | Attach Mounting Brackets Under the Window

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

After pre-drilling the holes for the mounting brackets, it’s time to attach them. Start by aligning the to the pre-drilled holes. Use a screwdriver or drill to secure the brackets in place, making sure they are tightly fastened.

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

It’s important to ensure that the brackets are level and evenly spaced to provide proper support for your window box.

Once the first bracket was attached, I used a level to make sure the second bracket was perfectly level before attaching it to the siding.

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

Once the brackets are securely attached, you can proceed to hang your window box and enjoy the beauty it adds to your home.

5 | Secure the Window Box to the Mounting Brackets

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

After attaching the mounting brackets under the window, the next step is to secure the window box to the brackets.

Carefully lift the window box and place it onto the brackets, making sure it is centered and level. Depending on the type of window box you have, there may be hooks or clips that need to be fastened to the brackets.

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

The window box brackets I used have an adjustable lip that secures the window box. When it is snug against the window box, tighten the screw using the wing bolt. Give it a gentle shake to make sure it is secure and properly balanced. Now you can step back and admire your beautifully hung window box.

6 | Add Flowers or Plants and Enjoy!

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

Once the window box brackets are in place, I prefer to take the window box down and add the flowers or plants. I like to have the window boxes empty while installing the brackets in case I need to use them to find the correct bracket placement. It is much easier to maneuver empty window boxes than heavy ones filled with soil!

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

The window boxes add so much charm to our backyard garden shed, I am so pleased with the finished product!

How to hang a window box | Easy DIY

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What is the best way to hang a window box?

The best way to hang a window box really depends on the type of window box that you have and the look you want to achieve. In general, window boxes need some sort of bracket to hold the weight of the soil and flowers.

How to hang a window box without drilling?

There are some window box brackets that hang from the window sill or that hang on railings.

What are the best flowers for window boxes?

Window boxes are a great place to showcase beautiful annuals. I personally love the look of red geraniums in flower boxes.

When planting flowers in my window boxes I always remember the tip to add a thriller, a filler, and a spiller flower. The spiller flower or plant hangs down over the window box. I like to use potato vines or lungwort as my spiller plant. The thriller plant is a striking flower or plant that is usually the star of the show. For our window boxes. And finally, the filler plant or flower fills in the dead space around the rest of the flower box.

Fresh herbs are a great option to plant in window boxes outside of kitchen windows.

How do you water window boxes?

For window boxes that are hard to reach, the best way to water the plants and flowers is through the window that it sits under.

You can also purchase window boxes (similar to mine) that include a self-watering tray that allows you to water less often. I use a hose to water our window boxes the self-watering design allows me to water less frequently.