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Before and After Tour at Our First Flipped Home

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Last Updated on April 12, 2023 by lindseymahoney

I am excited to take you through a before and after tour of our first flip house! Along with being our first flip house, it was also our first home! I recently realized that I never created a good before and after post of our first flip.

We have so many wonderful memories in this home, most prominent is being pregnant for the first time and bringing home Thomas from the hospital, and celebrating so many of his firsts at this house.

This is also the house where we really started DIYing, making mistakes, and learning what we liked in our home.

Let’s get started on the flip house tour!

Exterior Before

Before image of our first flip house

We could see the potential of this sweet home behind the overgrown ivy. I loved the front porch and picket fence around the yard.

Exterior After

Front exterior of our first flip house after it was renovated to sell.

First, we pulled off all of the ivy. It is terrible for brick if it is not managed properly and was a place for little critters to hang out, yuck.

We also did a complete landscape overhaul and painted the weather picket fence a clean white. Our grass was not looking so hot in these photos since it was the end of a hot summer and we decided to move on a whim.

Front porch at our first flip house once it was updated with a freshly painted door, a sitting area was created and fresh flowers were added to give this porch loads of charm.

The front porch at our first flip house. We painted the door, created a sitting area, and fresh flowers were added to give this porch loads of charm.

Living Room Before

Living room before it was updated at our first flip house

This living room was drab and boring. We wanted to warm it up and make it feel like a cozy cottage.

Living Room After

Living room at our first flip house after renovations.

We painted the walls a warm yellow (Clam Chowder to be exact), added a ceiling fan and painted the fireplace white.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen before updates at our first flip house.

We honestly didn’t do anything to the kitchen except clean it up and declutter the counters for resale.

Kitchen After

Before and after tour at Flip 1

Master Bedroom Before

Master bedroom before it was renovated at our first flip house

The master bedroom had odd, wavy walls that needed to be replaced.

Master Bedroom After

Master bedroom at flip 1

We replaced the wavy walls with drywall and painted the room a gray blue color.

Nursery Before

Before image of the nursery at Flip 1

The nursery was dark and also had odd walls with wood trim holding it in place.

Nursery After

After shot of nursery at Flip 1

We replaced the walls with drywall and painted them a sandy cream (mushroom) color.

Basement Before

The basement at our first flip house before we renovated the space.

The basement at our first flip house was nothing special, but we were grateful for the extra living space.

Basement After

Basement after renovations at flip 1.

We replaced the carpeting, painted every square inch of the space and created designated areas so that each room worked for us. In the picture below you can see the little family room we created and the personal office for Chris to use.

Basement Bedroom Before

Before shot of the basement bedroom at Flip 1

Like the rest of the basement, this bedroom was dingy and uninviting.

Basement Bedroom After

Renovated guest bedroom in the basement

New carpet and paint really can do wonders! This basement bedroom was a great space for guests when they came to visit.

Back Porch Before

Before and after tour of our first Flip

This back porch needed a lot of work. There were major drainage issues when it rained and the low roofline made it really dark.

Back Porch After

After image of our porch at Flip 1

This was the biggest reno we did at this house. We essentially added an outdoor living room to the house.

Our new back deck was an extended living space for the family. A new overhang was added with tons of head space and a ceiling fan made this back porch super spacious.

The new cedar deck and flagstone patio made for the perfect entertaining space.

Back Patio Before

Before image of our side yard at Flip 1

The sideyard of our first flip house was useless. We needed to clear away the brush to create a usable space.

Back Patio After

Flagstone patio & rose trellis

We tore out the weeds and created a beautiful flagstone patio for outdoor eating. Chris created the rose garden for me on my first Mother’s Day.

We also built a picket fence separating the side yard from the backyard to keep the dogs in a confined area.

Garage Before

Before and after tour of our first flip

You couldn’t even see the garage when we first moved into the house! While I do love greenery, the already old garage was getting destroyed by the ivy creeping into every crevice.

Garage After

We removed the ivy from the garage wall to prevent further deterioration of the brick structure.

There is nothing special about this garage, but it is clean and maintained without the ivy, and was a TON of work to get it to this point.

Thank you for taking a tour of our first flip house, it’s so fun to walk down memory lane! If you enjoyed this tour, be sure to check out our second live-in Flip tour!

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