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Open House Cheat Sheet to Sell a Home Fast

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Last Updated on May 18, 2023 by lindseymahoney

Homeowners manual created for open houses

Today I am sharing how to create a custom homeowner’s manual to sell your home fast! This manual is an open house cheat sheet and it allows you to share the great features of your home that may go unnoticed at an open house.

What home renovations did you complete while living in the home? What upgrades are included that may not be visible to potential home buyers?

This is where you can address any potential concerns that a buyer may have when looking at your home. Real estate agents also love this open house cheat sheet because it provides a list of talking points at the open house.

Once the home is sold, I leave this binder with the homeowner to reference once they move in.

What to Include in Your Open House Cheat Sheet:

The Neighborhood

Neighborhood details for the open house manual

You want to tell potential buyers why your location/neighborhood is such an amazing place to live! Tell potential buyers about your great neighbors and the fantastic amenities that are close to your home.

Is there a great park down the street or an awesome new restaurant 5 minutes away? This is where you want to mention these details!

I use this section to address any potential concerns a buyer might have about the property’s location. 

For example, our last home was located on a pass-through street and I knew some homebuyers would wonder if it would be too busy for everyday living. I made sure to highlight that the street was quiet and that there was low traffic (which is true).

Favorite Home Features

Favorite features highlight for the open house

What features do you love about your home? I absolutely loved the split-level ranch layout of our last home. I made sure to highlight why it worked so well for our family.

Does your kitchen have incredible storage? Call this out. Do you love gardening in the backyard? Highlight the peaceful setting where you can plant flowers while watching the kids play.

The Upgrades

This section is the most important part of the manual.

What upgrades did you make to the home?

Often a buyer will look at the sale price of the home when you purchased it and wonder why your asking price is so much higher. This full list not only gives your agent a list of talking points but it allows the buyer to see all of the upgrades you made to the house.

The Paint

List the paint colors used in your home

This section is a perk for homebuyers. Now they can easily make touch-ups to a room without painting the entire space.

Providing an organized list of paint colors shows that you took care of this home. It also doesn’t hurt to show that you used high-quality paint like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

The Schools

Highlight the school district

When potential homebuyers are looking at homes, they almost always want to know what school district they are in.

In this section, I highlight the schools within the district and also highlight any nearby private schools and daycare centers.

Homeowners manual | Building Bluebird

Buyers want to buy a home that they know has been loved. 

Give your buyers the comfort they need by presenting a detailed package of every question they may have about your property with the Homeowner’s Manual. Good luck!

To guarantee your open house will make a big splash, download my open house checklist to complete before potential buyers walk through!

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Wednesday 12th of April 2023

cannot open the cheat sheet


Thursday 13th of April 2023

I apologize for this! I am looking into the issue now and will email you the cheat sheet.