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Playroom Progress & Design Plans

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Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by lindseymahoney

I am excited to share the playroom progress and our design plans! We are in the process of decluttering the entire space and coming up with storage solutions for the toys in this room.

Playroom Before

Here is a fun reminder of what it currently looks like.

Disorganized playroom

Playroom Design Plans

Because this is a kids playroom I really want to brighten it up and bring in some fun colors.  Here are a few products I have been perusing to add to the space:

Colorful pillow for the playroom


Playroom design ideas


With a traverse rod system, you have to buy a specific type of curtain that can attach to the rod. This one from Bed Bath and Beyond is reasonably priced and  would really brighten up a room!

playroom curtains


For the blank wall behind the TV, I would love to put together some sort of gallery wall of the kids photos.  I’m thinking a few blown up photos would look great. Here is a great inspiration image:

Playroom artwork design ideas


Decluttering the Playroom

Project declutter is underway! Does anyone else get anxiety when they think about sending all of their bags of unwanted things to Arc or Goodwill?  I picture my stuff being shoved in a corner or smushed on a bulging clothing rack and often wonder if it will ever end up in a good home.  I googled some other places to send my stuff and found a great organization that takes gently used items for Vietnam Veterans.  They even have a pick up service for free! If you are interested – check them out here!

Playroom Toy Storage

This past weekend I met up with my talented friend, Pat, who helped me build this awesome cubby storage system for the playroom. I can’t wait to bring it home and start filling it with toys!  

Platte River Woodworks building the toy storage unit

Thomas is always down for a DIY project and stopped by to help for a little while.

Thomas helping us build is toy storage cubby

I used leftover white paint and combined it with water to create a white wash on the cubby unit. It turned out great!

White washed storage unit

The cubby system is complete and it works perfectly in the playroom! I made a trip to Target and bought some colorful baskets for the unit and was able to find some fun throw pillows for the space as well!  

I never expected Thomas to be so excited about toy organization but as soon as we set this unit up, he immediately began sorting all of his toys by theme into each of the cubbies. It was pretty adorable. Doesn’t it look awesome?

Toy storage unit for the playroom

Other Tasks Checked off the List

  • Replaced the coffee table with the toy box (used to be in the spot where the cubby unit now sits)
  • Removed the rug – This rug has always been too small for the room and collects dirt and small bits of paper that my child likes to cut up every day (see pic below)
  • Took down and donated curtains
  • Took down the play tent
  • Replaced curtains on the sliding door

Playroom Progress

The playroom progress is coming along, next up is painting the trim white!