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Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro | Tips

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by lindseymahoney

In the last 10 years, Chris and I have moved 6 times and consider ourselves experts when moving and into a new house. We have learned lots of tips and tricks when we organize and unpack our new home and I am excited to share our top 5 tips today. These organizational tips are sure to turn your new house into a home.

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

5 Tips to Unpack Your New Home and Get Organized Fast

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1 | Color Code Your Moving Boxes

As you pack up each room in your current home, color code each box with stickers by the room where they belong. Keep a list of which color aligns with each room in the house. You can see all of our bathroom materials had a green sticker so we knew exactly what was inside.

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

When it is moving day, reference this cheat sheet and place the boxes in the room where they belong. This simple step will save a lot of time and energy moving boxes twice while you unpack in your new home. It also keeps you sane as you search for various items that you need stored away in each box!

2 | Focus on Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Once all of the boxes are moved into your new home, focus on unpacking the bedrooms and bathrooms. You will be exhausted after moving and want your bed to be made up for a good night’s sleep. It definitely helps our children adjust better if we get their rooms in order right when we move in. Second, clean the bathrooms! Once you have clean bathrooms and have added hand soap and towels, you will feel more at home.

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

3 | Prep Your Garage

When moving into a new house, in most cases, you are going to need some tools set it up properly. Whether it’s paint materials or nails and a hammer to hang wall art, you want to know where to find them. If your garage is an empty shell, buy some shelves and a workbench (if you are really ambitious)!

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

When we moved into our house, the garage was SO unorganized and we could not find anything! Of course, we ended up buying duplicates of tools and painting materials in the chaos. Plan ahead to organize your garage because you will be in there a lot!

4 | Work on One Room at a Time

If you are moving into a home that needs some work or updating it is easy to be overwhelmed. The best advice I can give you is to focus on organizing/designing one room at a time! By focusing on a single room you will stay motivated and see real time progress.

If you aren’t sure which room to focus on first, consider the rooms that you use the most. In our new home, I really wanted to get Chris’s office organized and set up becuase he is in there every day. It is important to work in a space that inspires you, brings you joy and doesn’t stress you out! We are also focusing heavily on the kitchen and family room – two of the most used rooms in the house.

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

The dining room was another space that I updated right when we moved. I spent 6 weeks organizing, painting and decorating the room and it was totally worth it in the end.

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

5 | Purge & Donate Unused/Broken Items

In an ideal world, purging and donating should be done while you are packing up your old house. In a realistic world, that probably happened in the beginning and as you got towards the end of packing you just tossed it all in boxes! As you go to set up your rooms, don’t put anything in the room that doesn’t fit, just because you own it. If a furniture item no longer works in your home, send that baby off to Goodwill!

Unpack Your New Home Like a Pro with these organization tips!

I like to work with what I have when I move in, and then as I update each room, I slowly start buying furniture that fits with the space. Based on my experience, it is also a good idea to live with what you have for a while.

When we moved into our house, we put our sectional in the family room and it seemed WAY too big for the space. We moved it to the other room and after a few days, I realized that it actually would work in the family room and we moved it back! Moving is stressful and we have to give ourselves a little grace to take some time to find the right setup for each space so that it works best with your current season of life.

I hope you found these simple organization tips helpful when it comes time to unpack your new home! Good luck!

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