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Welcome to Our Temporary Home in Ohio

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Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by lindseymahoney

Welcome to our new, temporary home for the next year in Toledo, Ohio!

For our first year in Ohio, we will be living with my in-laws. Our boxes are all unpacked and we are settling into our new routine in Ohio. We want to take our time finding the right neighborhood for us to move into as a family considering location, school district, etc. But for now, we are living in a fantastic neighborhood and have enjoyed meeting our new neighbors. Check out our temporary, Ohio digs!

Check out the new home we purchased in Toledo and all of the fun renovations we have tackled!

Tour of our Home

Isn’t their Cape Cod style home beautiful?


Back Porch

 Our favorite feature of the home is the back porch. It provides the perfect amount of shade and the dual ceiling fans give a great breeze to hang out there all day! 

There is space for lounging and a nice big table for all of our summertime meals. The kids love these lounge chairs.

The kids love these lounge chairs.
Our favorite dinner spot.

Quick Porch Flashback

When Chris and I got engaged, my in-laws renovated the porch and added a roof to be able to host our rehearsal dinner outside in the rain or shine. 🙂

Not the best quality photo, but this is our wedding party on the back porch at our rehearsal dinner!
Rehearsal Dinner

Our two pups spent their first summer on this porch with their 8 other pup siblings. Lucy is the darker yellow lab to the left and Lizzie is the black lab on the right. They were seriously the cutest little things. Who doesn’t love a good puppy pic?

Lucy is the darker yellow lab to the left and Lizzie is the black lab on the right. They were seriously the cutest little things.

Master Bedroom Updates

The master bedroom was previously the boys bedroom (Jonny and Tim) and had sports-themed wallpaper that needed to be removed.  We all pitched in to get the wallpaper down when we visited last March. Of course, Thomas wanted in on the action and loved scraping the walls and pulling down the wallpaper.

My dad always offers to help with our home projects. Thank you dad!
Thomas and my Dad removing wallpaper

For the master bedroom, we chose Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore and it really looks fantastic.

Master bedroom paint - Gray Owl

Master Bedroom Before

Before, the room was in great condition, but we wanted to freshen it up with some paint.

Check out our master bedroom makeover in our last Denver home (flip 3).

Master Bedroom After

Evelyn’s Bedroom Before

Evie is sharing her bedroom with her Godmother, Katie. Setting up Evie’s room was a fun challenge utilizing Katie’s furniture and blending their styles together. Katie painted her walls a green and blue color a few years back and we decided to keep it as is. The colors matched really well with Evie’s bedding and I think the room turned out very sweet.

Check out Evie’s nursery in our Denver home.

Evelyn’s Bedroom After

Evelyn's new bedroom
Combining a nursery with the guest bedroom

The only furniture we added to the room was the crib.

Evie's bedroom

Thomas’ Bedroom Before

This was Chris’ childhood bedroom it really doesn’t look that different! The walls are Owl Grey and Hale Navy.

Thomas’ Bedroom After

Thomas LOVES the desk in his room and calls it his office. At night, he stays up to draw and cut out photos at his desk. 

Boy's bedroom with vintage decor

We utilized some decor left over from Chris’ childhood bedroom which was fun to see passed down from father to son. The Fenway Park snow globe and baseball lamp are all throwbacks from Chris’s childhood!

Vintage Fenway Park snowglobe
Boys bedroom with Dads childhood bedroom decor

We are excited about the summer in Ohio and reacquainting ourselves with the city. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our temporary Ohio home!