8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

August 8, 2019

Today Chris and I are discussing 8 easy and affordable ways to make your home more energy efficient. With Earth Day coming up this month, we thought this topic would be perfect for our episode this week.

8 easy ways to make your home more energy efficient

8 Easy Steps to Make Your Home More Green

1. Swap your wattage bulbs out for LED’s:

They have become much more affordable in recent years, they use 90% less energy than regular lightbulbs and last 15-20 years. Check out my light bulb cheat sheet here.

2. Start tracking your homes energy:

You can do this buy installing a Nest thermostat and a hub like Wink. This allows you to see where you can become more energy efficient and begin turning your home into a “smart home” that automatically turns your heat up and down, your lights on and off, etc.

3. Turn off your lights:

This one seems simple but is easily forgotten. When you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights.

5. Start Composting:

You can buy a composting barrel at your local hardware store like this. You can get cute bins to hold your food scraps like this. If you live in Toledo, there is a new composting service called Go Zero that you can check out.

4. Ditch the dryer sheets:

Instead of dryer sheets, try dryer balls like these. These dryer balls are reusable so you aren’t throwing away a non-recyclable sheet with every load and you can choose different scents with the essential oils you apply to the balls.

5. Wash your clothes on cold!

Using less hot water cuts down on energy usage and it prevents clothes from shrinking

6. Stop using a Keurig!

Or if you love using Keurigs, check out this reusable k cup to cut down on waste.

7. Turn down your heat:

Turn down your thermostat at night and when you leave for work. Also, open up your blinds and let in the light! Not only will it brighten your room and your mood, it will also naturally heat it. Your smart thermostat can help with programming this automatically so you don’t even have to think about it.

8. Use low VOC paints:

Using low VOC paints limits the amount of chemicals going into your home. It’s good for the environment and the health of the homeowner. You can search for low VOC home products in other products like carpeting, flooring, cabinets to limit the amount of chemicals you are bringing into your home.

Bonus: Change your furnace air filter monthly to extend the life of the furnace and running as efficiently as possible.

Show Notes

  • I just finished an awesome business book called Building Your Story Brand by Donald Miller. I highly recommend!
  • Our Drummond Flip House is still on the market! Check out the full listing here.
  • We share with you the “Skidmore Game of Life”!
  • Chris started demolition work at my parents cottage at Gem Beach
    • New cabinets, countertops and even an ice maker (!!) will be going into this kitchen.
    • We are researching flooring options and I am loving the fun patterns that are coming out on the linoleum sheets like this.
Kitchen demo at the cottage
Kitchen demo at the cottage


Lindsey: If you are looking for an easter basket stuffer, consider the book, The Earth Book by Todd Parr, which teaches kids how to take care of the planet

Chris: If you are getting rid any appliances, look up your local energy company to learn about their free pick-up program like this one. Not only will your appliances be picked up for free but you will often get a $50 credit.

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