Where to Find Vintage Items For Your Home

January 18, 2020

I love to find one of a kind treasures at thrift stores and vintage & antique shops. As we work to renovate our new home, my goal is to mix in old and new decor. While I love everything at stores like Target, it is fun to search for beautiful second-hand items to make your home unique. In my continued effort to consume less, I am making a conscious effort to buy gently used items to decorate my home instead of brand new.

Weaving in second-hand items into each room in my house gives it character and can often spur conversation. I really enjoy it when guests ask me where I found certain pieces in my home because they haven’t seen anything like it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE stores like Target and shop there often, but I like to mix the old and new together. When I renovated my dining room, I bought a solid wood buffet table and painted it to match the style of the room. The table is unique and will last another 50 years because it is built with solid wood and made well. Today I am sharing 7 places to look for second-hand treasures to fill your home.

Buffet purchased at a consignment store and painted

7 Places to Find Vintage Treasures for Your Home

Estate sales

If you want to visit estate sales, you have to get the estatesales.net app! This app allows you to find all of the estate sales in your area and the vintage treasures available. Estatesales.net is a website as well but I find the app much more user-friendly. Visiting estate sales are so much fun and you truly never know what you will find!

Artwork found at a local estate sale

Thrift stores | Goodwill & Restore

Goodwill and Restore can be hit or miss but it is always fun to pop in and see if there are any gems hidden away. ReStore is connected with Habitat for Humanity and is a great place to find furniture and materials to build a home like windows and doors. Like I mentioned before, Goodwill stores can be hit or miss. I cruised through two Goodwill stores this past week and did not find anything exciting, but my friend went through the same one last week and found a beautiful vintage, barrel back chair. This is a great place to find books to decorate with as well.

The books and vase in the image below are all second-hand items. I also found the print of the girl hanging on my wall and used a color blocking technique to modernize the print. This is a quick and easy DIY for any artwork that you don’t love or feel is outdated.

Around the holidays, I decorate the house with books that have green and red spines.

Decorate your home with books from a thrift store

Antique stores

You can search online for antique stores in your area and there are bound to be a few you can visit. Antique stores have many vendors that sell various vintage goods. Each booth holds a different treasure and you never know what you will find. I found this adorable dollhouse at an antique store and refinished it for my daughter at Christmas.

Pink dollhouse found at at antique store

Yesterday I stopped at the Antique Mall in Blissfield, Michigan and it was a gold mine! It is made up of 6 different antique stores all connected together and was filled with antique home decor and vintage clothing. I will definitely be going back to that store again. A few other great antique stores in the NW Ohio area are Architectural Artifacts and the Maumee Antique Mall.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is full of treasures at reasonable prices. Instead of rummaging through a garage sale, you can check your local marketplace and purchase the item easily. One benefit of this app is that you can avoid paying the shipping fee if the seller is nearby by picking it up yourself. If you aren’t careful on eBay, you can get an item for a steal only to realize the shipping amount is twice the cost of the item.

I purchased this cute yellow lantern from a second-hand store. It is a fun decor addition to my curious boys bedroom!

Yellow lantern from an antique store

eBay | Search Vintage

eBay is basically Facebook Marketplace on steroids. If you enjoy a little gambling, you will like eBay. This allows you to bid on items in the hopes of purchasing it for a great deal. If you hate the idea of bidding on items you really want, there is usually an option to purchase the item without bidding. It is important to always check the shipping cost. There are some items whose shipping cost is more than the item is even worth, so be careful.

Estate sale finds | Building Bluebird


Craigslist is another great platform to find the item you are looking for. Whether it is gently used, vintage or brand new, Craigslist has a variety of items for sale. I prefer searching locally to avoid shipping costs. We scored a great bed from Craigslist and refinished it to look brand new.

Refinished bed found on Craigslist

Flea Market

A flea market is a huge event where hundreds of antique dealers get together to sell their second-hand goods. Flea markets are generally held outdoors and last multiple days. Round Top flea market has become a very popular flea market in Texas because of Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper. You can find one of a kind items that are unique and tell a story. Flea markets generally happen a few times a year and run through a weekend.

Roadside Items for Free

Some cities have big trash days where homeowners will put all of their large items they no longer want out for trash day. This is a great time to find furniture that can be used, especially if they are wood and can be cleaned up! We found a beautiful iron arbor for our English garden that was left on the side of the road with the sign “Free” taped to it. If you pay attention, you can find treasure everywhere.

Iron arbor found on the curb

If you are still nervous about heading off to second-hand stores, take a friend for advice! It is so much fun hunting for treasures together and talking through a potential purchase. I can’t wait to see what you all can find! What are your tips for shopping vintage?

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