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Affordable Office Updates at Flip 3

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Last Updated on September 17, 2019 by lindseymahoney

Our office needed a little love but we weren’t going to break the bank fixing it up. Today I am going to share with you our affordable office updates we completed last week!

We also completed another lingering project last weekend that I wanted to share. We finally swapped out the front door sidelights with clear glass instead of the yellow tinted glass. Life has been pretty hectic with family weddings, new babies being born and all of the craziness that comes with two little ones.  But with all of the craziness, we have been peppering in home projects here and there and are happy to have finally completed a few of them!

Front Door Before

Front Door After

Front entry refresh

Now for the most recent project – the office. This room has never been a top priority of ours when renovating the house. The plan was (and is) to make minor updates and focus on the other areas of the house, like the bathrooms and kitchen where buyers are most interested. 

Office Before

The Zillow image of the office before we bought it does not look bad, but the room was dingy and dirty. 



The first thing I did when we moved into the house was paint the walls one solid color. I used the same color I painted in many other spaces in our home, Eider White.

Painting a neutral wall color for the office


When we were updating the floors in the main living space last year, we decided to tear out the carpet in the office and add the same laminate wood.  This room required one extra step of leveling the concrete floor before the laminate could be installed. Luckily Chris is handy and doesn’t get scared off by projects like this. 🙂

Leveling the floors to install flooring

Declutter & Organize

And that was where the progress stopped because Evie Mae was born. This room became an afterthought AND our storage room for crap we didn’t want to see (these rooms tend to evolve as they get renovated – the storage room has finally made it to the basement). 

Who wouldn’t want to spend 8 hours a day working in this zen room?!

Updated Light Fixture

I really do not like this light fixture, but it is not in the budget to update the lighting.  Painting the brown light box helps to blend the light fixture into the ceiling.

Painting a florescent light box to blend in

Closet Updates

I went back and forth internally trying to decide if the effort to paint the closet would be worth it. It totally was! I didn’t realize the walls and ceiling were painted yellow. You can see the difference where I have trimmed out the shelves.

Last weekend we finally installed the doors and they look awesome!

Weekend warriors installing closet doors

Office After

The office is now clean and bright and in much better condition to focus on work.

Affordable office updates

I found the throw pillows down in our basement. They match the room and were free!

Clean and organized office

The closet is now clean and organized!

Painted closet
New closet doors in the office

The once old brown door now has a fresh coat of bright white paint.

The office door has been brightened with a white paint

I am glad to finally have this project checked off the list!