Hiring a Professional Photographer to Sell Your Home

January 26, 2020

Today I am talking about the importance of staging your home and hiring a professional photographer when selling your house. I recently interviewed Mary Wyar, with Toledo Home Tours, and she provided her expertise and insight into the benefits of hiring a professional photographer. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional photographer to sell your home.

First Impressions Are Everything

In today’s world, everyone is checking out a house online before walking through it in person. This is the first impression you give to a buyer and it has to be perfect! The market is competitive and you want to convince as many potential buyers to come and see your home in person as possible. If you don’t wow your potential buyers when they first set eyes on your home, you may miss out on the buyer for your home.

Professional photography is important when selling your home

What Photographs Best

Professional photographers know how to shoot your home to appeal to potential buyers. Not only do they take pictures in the best lighting, they know how to shoot at specific angles to give potential buyers an idea of the flow from room to room. Photographers also know what features to highlight within each room.

Bright welcoming photographs when you hire a professional photographer

Equipment to Capture Quality Images

Cell phone cameras have come a long way but DSLR cameras are still king. These cameras allow for wider shots when necessary to capture the entire space, the quality of the photograph is better and each image is edited by the photographer.

Mary Wyar utilizes flash photography to give an accurate depiction of the actual space – this means that the paint colors will look like they do in person, the rooms are not stretched out to make a room larger than it is and you can see the true view outside of the windows.

Professional photography shows your home in the best light

Video Tour Options

Video is the future of social media and is proven to be more effective with users. Toledo Home Tours offers video services that allow potential buyers to see the true flow of a home from room to room as if they were walking through it themselves. Video is a newer marketing tool for real estate that can set your house apart from the competition and encourage more social shares and visitors to your open house.

Save Money by Selling Fast

Every day that your house sits on the market costs you money. If you work with an agent that prices your home appropriately and you have professional photographs with a nicely staged home, your house will sell more quickly than trying to sell it on your own with cell phone shots. Paying a photographer is a lot less expensive than a monthly mortgage payment.

Toledo Home Tours photography of a master bedroom

Now that I have convinced you to use a professional photographer to sell your home, check out my home staging tips to sell your home fast! If I have, tell your agent to use Toledo Home Tours for your properties photographs and cinematic tour.

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