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The Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Home

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Last Updated on May 26, 2023 by lindseymahoney

If you are looking to sell your home, one of the easiest ways to maximize its value is to create a blank slate with neutral paint colors on your walls. I have lots of tips on staging your home to sell quickly, but adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls will take it to another level.

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home #greige #paintcolor #neutralpaint #sherwinwilliams #benjaminmoore

If your home has bold wall colors, applying a fresh coat of paint will neutralize your space and change the entire feel of an entire room. Today I am sharing my favorite neutral paint colors that look great in every home.

I generally stay in the “greige” family when it comes to color recommendations, but I added a few blue-gray colors that work great in bathrooms too.

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home #greige #paintcolor #neutralpaint #sherwinwilliams #benjaminmoore

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Neutral Paint Colors That Sell Homes

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

LRV 82

Alabaster walls in our new kitchen

Alabaster (SW 7008) is a neutral paint color I love and one that we are using in our current home. It is a creamy white that feels warm, but not too yellow.

Our new kitchen has Alabaster on the walls as well as our family room and living room.

I also used Alabaster as the backdrop for my little boy’s bedroom makeover. It is the perfect neutral for him to grow into and decorate at all ages.

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home #greige #paintcolor #neutralpaint #sherwinwilliams #benjaminmoore

Polar Bear by Behr Paint

LRV 90

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home #greige #paintcolor #neutralpaint #sherwinwilliams #benjaminmoore

I have used Polar Bear in a few of the rooms in my home and it is a nice, warm white. I applied this paint color to the walls in my laundry room and it was the perfect shade to warm up the white and black color palette.

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home #greige #paintcolor #neutralpaint #sherwinwilliams #benjaminmoore

It can have a slight undertone of pink in some settings, however. I see the pink undertone come out a bit in my master bathroom where there is no natural light.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

LRV 55

Source | Benjamin Moore

Revere Pewter is one of my favorite greige colors! We used this in our second home in the loft/playroom on our second floor. It truly is the perfect mix of grey and beige that creates a timeless and classic atmosphere.

I would absolutely use this color again in my home and recommend it often.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

LRV 58

Repose Gray (SW 7015) is another beautiful greige color that I have used frequently in my homes, including my daughter’s nursery. In our third house, I chose Repose Gray as the inspiration for the color palette of our entire house.

Repose Gray color family - great greige colors

When I wanted the walls a little darker, I ticked down one shade to Mindful Gray. When I wanted the walls lighter, I went up one shade to Eider White.

Repose Gray paint is a great neutral color

This is a great way to keep your home consistent but changing the paint color in each room. Here is the greige color in the basement guest bathroom in our third home.

Eider White by Sherwin Williams

LRV 73

Master bedroom makeover with eider white paint color | Building Bluebird #neutralpaint

Eider White is the perfect neutral paint color to make a space feel clean and fresh while still creating some dimension against white trim. We used this warm white in the master bedroom of our third home and it created a calm and inviting sanctuary.

I have used this in flip houses, rental properties as well as our personal home. This is a consistent neutral color that I know I can always count on.

The best white and greige paint colors that look great in every home | Building Bluebird

We also used it in the kitchen of our fourth flip house.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

LRV 60

Source | Julie Blanner

Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) is another fantastic greige or mushroom color that is used by many design experts. It is a warm gray that can hint towards a beige brown in some light.

Just like its name, this paint color is quite agreeable with all homes. Julie Blanner uses this color on her basement cabinets in the image above.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

LRV 63

Source | Studio McGee

Sea Salt (SW 6204) is the perfect blue-green paint color for your home! The subtle gray undertones in this color make it versatile with any style of home.

Silver Crest by Benjamin Moore

LRV 70

The best white and greige paint colors that look great in every home | Building Bluebird

If you are looking to add a little more color to your home, Silver Crest is a great option, especially in bathrooms. This relaxing gray-green adds a touch of elegance to any room. It definitely created spa-like vibes in our master bathroom.

I used Silver Crest in our master bathroom and the guest bathroom in our third home.

7 neutral paint colors that look great in every home | Building Bluebird

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What does Light Reflective Value (LRV) mean?

LRV tells us how much light a color absorbs on a scale from 0 to 100. The lower the number, the less light the color will reflect and will therefore feel darker. The higher the LRV number, the more reflective the color, making a space feel lighter and brighter.

What is LRV and how to use it when choosing gray green paint colors

What is an undertone?

A paint undertone is the color you don’t see that can cause the main color (tone) to feel warm or cool. Warm paint colors have yellow, beige, or pink undertones. Cool paint colors have green, purple or blue undertones.