The Bosler House | Interior Renovation & Tour

March 6, 2020

Are you ready to see the complete interior renovation of the historic Bosler House? Unlike the exterior of historically registered homes, interior renovations do not need to be approved by the Landmark Commission.

In case you missed it, click here to check out the complete exterior restoration of the Bosler House.

Italianate historic home built in 1875, the Bosler house

Steve and Jan wanted a home that functioned for their family today while also fitting in with the period when the home was built in 1875. Unfortunately, because the roof had been removed for 6 years, there wasn’t much to salvage in terms of original materials. They were told that the previous owner had pitched all of the old doors and trim work, which was a huge bummer. They worked hard to patch the history of the home back together and did a fantastic job achieving the historic look that feels welcoming and homey. I have a lot to show you so let’s get started on the tour.

The owners of the Bosler House | Building Bluebird
Me with Steve and Jan at the Blessing of the Bosler House

The Bosler House | First Floor

Front Foyer

When Steve and Jan bought this house, the 1990’s style door was the least of their worries. The entire structure of the home was unstable but you could still see hints of history in the floor detailing and the beautiful staircase.

Bosler House before the interior renovation began

Jan visited many antique stores to find the perfect light fixtures for the home. This beautiful chandelier looks like it would have been here when the home was built in 1875. A custom door was built and the detailing in the wood floors was replicated to create the grand foyer it once was. Throughout the years, Steve and Jan acquired many family heirlooms that fit perfectly in the Bosler House. The sconces, mirror, and table were heirlooms owned by the Davis family.

The grand foyer of the Bosler House after the interior renovation

The layout of the home was completely chopped up. There was a miniature doorway next to the staircase that Jan and Steve turned into a coat closet. The staircase was in really bad shape but was one of the only original materials remaining in the home. They brought it to a restoration expert who was able to salvage it and bring it back to life.

Bosler House before the interior renovation began

The staircase is the star of the show when you walk into the Bosler House. It was beautifully restored and wraps around to the second story.

The staircase was one of the few items they were able to restore that was original to the historic home

The history of their home is on display in the front hallway for all to see.

The history of the Bosler House on display in the hallway
The grand foyer of the Bosler House

Kitchen Renovation

When Steve and Jan purchased the house, the kitchen was actually in the back of the home. Jan wanted to be able to look out at the park while cooking and eating meals, so they brought the kitchen to the front of the home. The front of the house previously functioned as another living space before it was turned into the kitchen.

Kitchen before renovations

The new kitchen is L-shaped. The front of the house includes the eating nook that looks out onto the garden and a large island to entertain. It is a great place to gather without getting in the way of the cook!

Historic Bosler house - large kitchen island and eating nook
Eating area in the kitchen of the Bosler House

The second part of the kitchen includes all of the appliances and another island with the sink, dishwasher, and hidden trashcans. Jan chose a hexagon floor tile that was a common staple in historic homes. The cabinets and lighting have a traditional design with a modern flair.

Bosler House kitchen with traditional and functional design
Bosler House kitchen

Living Room Restoration

The living room had a LOT of water damage. I remember walking through this house and the wooden floors looking like large waves on the ground. You had to be very careful when you walked on the floors in this home because there was so much rot and holes on the floor.

Original front room of the Bosler House before interior renovations

They restored this room with beautiful hardwood flooring and a gorgeous marble fireplace as the focal point. Another antique chandelier was installed in the living room. The wood windows and window trim bring back those grand features frequently found in 1875 Italianate homes.

Restored family room in the 1875 Italianate Victorian-style home

Here is another image from the living room looking into the dining room.

1875 Italianate family room before it was restored and preserved
Restored living room in the 1875 historic home

Dining Room Renovation

The dining room was in similar shape to the rest of the house.

Dining room before the interior renovation at the Bosler House

Jan’s existing dining room furniture fits perfectly in the renovated space. The chandelier is another antique that Jan and Steve have had for decades.

Antique furniture placed in the dining room of this historic Denver home
Renovated dining room with antique furniture to complete the look in this historic home

Back of the House

The back of the house was originally the kitchen but had been ripped out when Steve and Jan gained ownership. Luckily, they were able to get an attached garage approved on the side of the house and this became the garage entry and mudroom.

Bosler House before the interior renovation began

They also created a back hallway that allows access to the new elevator. The elevator can take you to all three floors and the basement level.

Personal elevator installed in the historic Denver home

The Bosler House | Basement

The basement was CREEPY! It was dark, dingy and full of old wires hanging down from the ceiling. The original outside access to the basement was used prior to the elevator installation.

The basement of the Bosler House before interior renovations began

Steve and Jan installed lots of lights in the basement and turned it into a potting bench for Jan to grow plants for her garden. They also have additional storage in the basement, but the most exciting addition was the potting bench.

The basement of the 1875 Italianate home was turned into a potting station for the homeowners gardens

The Bosler House | Second Floor

From the outside of this 1875 Italianate home, you would think the inside would be HUGE! The high ceilings definitely add to the feeling of this being a large house, but the way the Davis’s laid out the home, it feels like a normal-sized home. The second floor has three bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom.

Second Floor Landing

Bosler House before the interior renovation began

All of the original architectural features were put back in their place and it’s like this landing always looked this way.

The second floor landing at the historic Bosler House in North Denver

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom mirrors the room right below (the kitchen) and has the best view overlooking the park and downtown Denver skyline.

The Bosler House before the interior renovation began

Steve and Jan kept the design classic and let the details of the home speak for themselves. The windows in this bedroom make it feel light and bright all day.

Renovated master bedroom overlooking the park

Master Bathroom

Surprisingly, the master bathroom was in perfect shape and they didn’t have to change a thing. KIDDING!

Master bathroom before the interior renovation began

The large master bathroom has classic design features with modern amenities. This includes a curbless shower, a private toilet room, and double vanities.

Master bathroom in the renovated historic home in Denver
Master bathroom in the renovated historic home in Denver

Guest Bedrooms

On the other side of the house on the second floor are two guest bedrooms. The large windows throughout the house make every room feel bright and cheery.

Guest bedroom in the historic Bosler House in Denver, CO
Guest bedroom at the Bosler House

Guest Bathrooms

Each guest bedroom has a private bathroom.

Beautifully renovated bathroom in the historic Denver home

The Bosler House | Third Floor

Walking up the old staircase to get to the collapsing/missing roof was quite terrifying.

The third floor of the Bosler House be renovations began in 2017

They re-routed the staircase slightly and painted the new banister white.

Staircase to the third floor of the historic Denver home

The roof was starting to collapse and needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

The third floor of the Bosler House be renovations began in 2017

The third floor is now a fun game room for guests and kids.

Third floor game room in this historic Victorian-style home

Thomas loves to play the air hockey game up in the attic.

Third floor game room in this historic Victorian-style home

They also created access points to the roof where you can go out and see all of Denver. This is a great spot to hang out on the 4th of July or test your fear of heights.

The rooftop of the Bosler House

The third floor is also where you will find the winding staircase to the tower. We have spent a few nights up in this tower having drinks and enjoying the view. You can also access the tower roof which is even more terrifying!

The tower of the 1875 Italianate home in North Denver

The home is truly a work of art, I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed creating these blog posts!

The Bosler House

*All after images of The Bosler House were taken by Sarah Renee Photography.

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