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How to Update Your Laminate Countertop for Under $25

My $300 laundry room makeover is complete! Today I am sharing a quick and easy DIY to update dated, laminate countertops. I finished this project in a few short hours and for under $25. Let’s get started with this simple tutorial!

$300 laundry room update

Here is a reminder of what my countertop looked like when I started this project.

How to Apply Contact Paper to Your Countertop

Materials Needed:

Step 1 | Start At the Backsplash

You will start applying the contact paper on the backsplash. Measure the length of the backsplash and add a few inches for any errors. Use the lines on the back of the paper to cut the contact paper for the backsplash.

Contact paper DIY

Pull off the backing and stick the paper to the top of the countertop. As you work your way down the ledge, pull the backing off and smooth the paper with your hand to eliminate air bubbles. I left a little extra at the top and used an Exacto knife to cut a straight line against the wall.

Update your countertop with this simple DIY

When I wrapped the corners of the countertop, I cut a small line at the edge so that the black contact paper went all the way to the adjacent wall. I didn’t overthink this part of the project because I still had to wrap the other side of the backsplash. I also made peace with the fact that there would be seams across the countertop. As long as it was black, it would look 100% better than the blue.

How to apply contact paper to a countertop

Step 2 | Apply Paper to Countertops

Once the ledges have been wrapped, you will start on the flat surface of the countertop. Butt the edge of the contact paper up to the backsplash and attach it to the counter. As you move across the counter, slowly pull the backing off and smooth the contact paper with your hand.

How to apply contact paper to your countertop

Once the first row is complete, you will start the second row. The application is the same, however, you will wait to fold it down the edge of the countertop until the end. To make the paper a little easier to handle, try cutting the length of paper for the countertop. Dealing with the full roll of paper can be a pain. Once the second row has been applied, fold the paper over the edge of the counter. Depending on how you want the ledge finish to look, you can either Exacto knife the excess or wrap the remaining contact paper under the counter (this is what I did). Finally, I cut custom pieces for any spots that had blue poking through.

How to install contact paper on laminate countertops

Step 3 | Use a Heat Gun

Use the heat gun to give the contact paper a tight seal and to remove any air bubbles. Don’t forget to use the heat gun on the underside and edges of the counter where the seal could loosen. This is one of the. most important parts of the process and gives the contact paper much of its durability.

DIY countertop update

This quick and easy DIY only took me two hours to complete! The black countertop complete changed the look and feel of my laundry room.

Apply contact paper in 3 easy steps!

The countertops have held up really well over the last few months, however, it does scuff. This was a quick fix to drastically improve the look of the space and I am fine with light scuffing. I have not had any peeling or tearing of the contact paper and it has remained tight on the countertop!

Cover your countertop with contact paper - affordable DIY
Cover your countertop with contact paper - affordable DIY
Cover your countertop with contact paper - affordable DIY
Cover your countertop with contact paper - affordable DIY
Contact Paper DIY - How to apply

Want to save this DIY for later? I’ve got you covered! Use the pin below to quickly find this project on your Pinterest board.

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