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Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

January 8, 2020

Organizing your kitchen cabinets efficiently is often overlooked when first moving into a new home. When kitchen cabinets are organized well, valuable time is given back to the homeowner. In the last 10 years I have moved 8 times and have learned a thing or two about efficiently organizing my kitchen. Today I am sharing 8 time saving tips for organizing your kitchen.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets
Photos by Mary Wyar

8 Time Saving Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Keep Spices Next to Stovetop

This first tip seems like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many homes I have seen where the spices were not next to the stovetop! You will primarily be using your spices when you are cooking at the stove and it is most efficient to have it at arms length.

8 time saving tips for organizing your kitchen

Group Similar Dishes Together in Glass Cabinets

I have lived in a few homes with glass kitchen cabinets and know the importance of keeping them organized. When these cabinets are disorganized, it makes the rest of the kitchen feel out of sorts. Use these cabinets to display your prettier dish ware. Organize similar colored items together to create harmony. Whatever you do, DO NOT use these cabinets to store your plastic, colorful cups!

Glass cabinets in the kitchen

Kids Drawer in the Kitchen

The combining all of your kids cups and plates into an accessible drawer is a game changer! This gives you more freedom and your child more responsibility. When my son asks for a water, he gets it himself. This also allows kids to help with emptying the dishwasher, too. Assigning a drawer for their colorful, plastic cups and plates also keeps them away from the glass cabinets. ๐Ÿ™‚

Create a kids drawer to encourage responsibility with your children

Coffee Station

I like to create mini stations for kitchen tasks that I frequently complete. For example, my morning coffee! I keep my coffee mugs right above the coffee maker and my coffee grounds in a pretty canister next to the coffee machine. The coffee filters are also within arms length in the upper cabinet. Everything I need for a common task is kept together.

I created a mini station for our alcohol as well. Our wet bar includes a fridge with wine and wine cups stored above on an open shelf. In the lower cabinet I have stainless steel wine cups for the summertime.

Create a coffee station with all supplies within arms length

Keep Frequently Used Dish Ware Close to the Dishwasher

When I first unpacked our kitchen ware, I strategically thought through our daily use of each object. We run our dishwasher at least once a day so I made sure to keep the silverware drawer and plates/cups close to the dishwasher. All of these items are directly across from the dishwasher to maximize efficiency.

Efficient kitchen design

Organize Your Kitchen by Creating Designated Areas

Store similar kitchen items together. I keep all of our pots and pans together under our stovetop. Our baking supplies and pans are all stored in a cabinet next to each other. My mixing bowls are all together next to the stovetop where I frequently use them. If your supplies are not kept together, you can easily misplace something or forget you even own it.

Z Line stovetop

Designate One Drawer to Store Tupperware

If you have cabinet drawers I HIGHLY recommend you designate one for your Tupperware. When Tupperware is stored on a shelf, it is SO easy to lose the lid! It is so much easier to find what you are looking for when all containers and lids are visible in a drawer.

Be Flexible When Organizing Your Kitchen!

Don’t be afraid to reorganize your kitchen if i doesn’t feel right! We have lived in our home for 6 months and have already made a few tweaks. We moved our foil/plastic bags/saran wrap from our pantry to a drawer next to the stove. The new layout fits better for our day to day activities. Small changes add up to make your life more efficient.

Kitchen design | Building Bluebird

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