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Half Bath Makeover Challenge Reveal

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Last Updated on November 1, 2019 by lindseymahoney

Drum roll please! My tiny, dingy, dated half bath has had a major makeover!

Before and After half bathroom renovation | Building Bluebird

We extended the challenge by a week to complete the finishing touches and it was well worth it. Check out the results!

Half Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom makeover is complete!

Vanity Updates

The vanity base stayed the same and I gave it a fresh coat of white paint. At the last minute, we decided to install a new vanity top and I love how it looks. Adding new hardware to the vanity was the perfect finishing touch.

The builder grade vanity is updated with white paint and new hardware.
New white vanity top modernizes this space.


Updated bathroom vanity with painted mirror and new light fixture.

We purchased a new light fixture from Home Depot, painted the existing mirror and updated the towel rack.

The light fixture was on sale at Home Depot and while I love the way it looks, when you held the fixture, you knew it was a little cheap.  If I did it over again, I would have put some more money into a better light.


Hobby Lobby artwork for half bathroom.

Originally, I had a different idea for the artwork in this bathroom, but when I printed out the floral image I had chosen, it ended up looking like a dull camouflage print and I scrapped the project.  

I found these pretty pieces of artwork at Hobby Lobby (40% off obvi) and they fit perfectly in the space.

DIY Shelves

Hale Navy walls with DIY cedar shelves in the half bathroom.

Our shelves turned out perfect!

At the beginning of this half bath makeover, I bought true shelving brackets that were big and bulky and did not feel right in the space (Here is a similar version).  

We returned the brackets and purchased L-brackets that are not technically for shelving and then cut two pieces of cedar for the shelves.  They have the little bit of rustic look that I was going for.  I purchased the flowers at Target and pulled the sign and photo from around our home.

And now for the not so fun part…admitting how far I went over my $200 set budget! Wahhhh.

Cost for Total Renovation:

  • Wallpaper removal materials (scraper, removal spray, wallpaper steamer): $75
  • Wall Paint: $30
  • Ceiling & Trim Paint: $0 – I had leftover paint from other projects that I reused
  • Kilz (quart) for the mirror and vanity: $15
  • White paint (quart) for vanity and mirror: $15
  • Light Fixture: $20
  • Vanity hardware: $10
  • Shelving (Cedar & L brackets): $10
  • Flowers: $18
  • Artwork: $32
  • Wax Toilet Ring: $5
  • Toilet paper holder & towel rack: $25
  • Vanity top & faucet: $200

I decided to add the new vanity top to the list after we began this project and that was what really pushed me over my budget, but I do believe it was the right decision.  

Without the vanity, I was very close to my budget at $250.  With the vanity top I clocked in at $450. 

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