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Exterior Renovations At Our Wheat Ridge Home

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021 by lindseymahoney

Today I am sharing our next big project – installing a new roof and painting the exterior of our home! These major exterior renovations will not only add value to our home, but also improve the curb appeal.

A big hail storm damaged the exterior of our home and the roof and gutters need to be replaced. With these big projects planned, we decided to bite the bullet and paint the exterior of the house as well. Might as well make lemonade out of lemons!

I have mentioned this before, but Chris and I are planning to sell our home once we hit the 2-year ownership mark and I am constantly thinking about what we need to check off of our to-do list to prepare for the sale.

Check out 10 Budget Friendly Tips to Update Your Exterior for easy curb appeal tips!

Exterior Before Renovations

There is little curb appeal at our third flip house

When we first walked through this home, my first impression was that it lacked curb appeal.  The landscaping is awesome (in the spring/summer), but the reddish roof shingles and bland paint colors did not make the house stand out.  

With these exterior renovations, my goal is to get people to slow down when they pass our house and take notice!

You can see some of our beautiful flowers peeking out next to the mailbox.

Flip 3 before our exterior makeover

The exterior paint is definitely not terrible, but when we had a closer look, the paint job is actually terrible.

The reddish roof before it was replaced
Shutters will be painted black

We are keeping the shutters but they will be getting a fresh coat of paint.

Everything about this front entrance is dated.  We will be replacing the yellow tinted windows, painting the door, updating the light, and replacing the door hardware.  

This dated front entrance will get a complete makeover

The back of the house will also be painted.

The back of the house will also be updated

Exterior Renovation Plans

For the roof, we chose a charcoal shingle color and it is so much better than the red shingles! This neutral color looks great with the new exterior paint colors as well. The new gutters will be white.

Exterior Paint Colors:

  • Exterior Siding: Dark Green
  • Trim: Alabaster
  • Front Door: Charcoal
  • Garage Door: Charcoal
  • Shutters: Charcoal

Our family friend recently flipped a home in Toledo, Ohio and it was where we drew our color inspiration!  

Now this house designed by Jeff Unverferth is oozing curb appeal!
Curb appeal inspo | Unverferth Designs

Isn’t it beautiful?! FYI – it is currently for sale, so if you are looking for a home in Toledo, check it out!

Unverferth Designs home in Toledo, Ohio

Exterior Renovations After

Improved curb appeal with fresh paint and new roof

The new roof is installed, the paint is complete and I am so pleased with the final product!

I love the contrast of the new colors and the crisp look of the new paint. The black shutters, garage door and front door really pull the design together.

The new paint makes the curb appeal pop!
Black garage door and painted hosue

Yellow tinted windows still need to be replaced with clear glass.

New black painted door with new hardware and light
A welcoming front entry always boosts your curb appeal
Fresh paint on the exterior

The painters power washed the porch before painting the wood white. The new lights complete the update on the back porch.  I am in love with our backyard!

Updated back patio with new lights

The kiddos love the backyard too.  This is the perfect family home. 🙂

Backyard makeover

Thanks for stopping by to see the finished project.  Next week I will be in Ohio for the 4th of July but will be back on home projects next week!

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