Adding Curb Appeal to Our First Flip House

August 5, 2019

We added so much curb appeal at our first flip house in Denver!  When we first bought the house, it felt very dark and heavy.  The ivy against the dark brick and the unruly plants around the yard surrounding the old wood picket fence did not give the most welcoming first impression.

It is amazing what a weekend of yard work can do to transform a yard. 

Adding curb appeal at our first flip house
Working in the yard at Flip 1 with our fur babies!

Front Yard Before Curb Appeal Updates

The front yard had a weathered picket fence, overgrown flower beds and an overall unwelcoming appearance.

Original exterior at flip 1

The picture below shows the front of the house once the ivy was removed.  It also shows the fence before it was finished being painted and the over growth in front of the house.  Luckily I have very generous and talented in-laws who came out to help with the landscaping.

Old picket fence

The flower beds in the front needed to be more defined. On one side of the yard, there were overgrown plants and the grass was creeping into the flower beds.

Original flower bed at flip 1

On the other side of the yard, there was just mulch and a pink, chain linked fence.

Original front yard flower bed

Backyard Before

The ivy on this garage in the backyard was INSANE!! While some ivy can disguise imperfections, this ivy was doing damage to the brick beneath it.

The garage at Flip 1 when we first purchased the property

The backyard was sloped toward the house and causing major drainage issues. The side yard was covered in gravel and weeds that we planned to turn into a potty spot for our dogs.

Backyard at Flip 1 before updates

Front Yard After Curb Appeal Updates

While I love the transformation of this house, the grass in some of these photos makes me cringe.  When we put an offer on our second home, we weren’t really even looking.  We put an offer on the house on a Monday and had to get the Ivy House ready for the open house by that weekend, so the grass was not adequately prepped.

Curb appeal at flip 1

We added a pop of color to the front door and created an inviting seating area on the porch. To liven up the space, we added fresh flowers and updated the address plaque.

Adding curb appeal to our first flip house

I mean, who doesn’t like a white picket fence?!  I love how the white fence looks with the landscaping in the front – it is so clean and crisp.

The white picket fence adds curb appeal to this home
Newly painted picket fence

We created a wavy flower bed and planted flowers to give the bed more structure. Fresh sod and mulch finished the space off nicely.

New flower beds and white picket fence to increase curb appeal

We followed a similar pattern on the other side and planted a bunch of arborvitae in front of the chain linked fence to help disguise the eyesore.

New flower beds
Hiding the chain link fence with trees to improve curb appeal

You can now see the garage and the mortar is no longer at risk of being pulled out by the ivy.

Garage at Flip 1 after we removed the ivy

Backyard After

We built a retaining wall, added a french drain and re-sodded the yard. Once the water issues were resolved, we built a fence on the side yard to block the dogs potty spot and built a brand new deck off he back of our house.

Backyard after updates at Flip 1

I know that fixing up this yard was a major factor in us selling it so quickly. Denver is known for its great weather and having a great outdoor living space is a major plus to home buyers. Our next big project was building a custom deck to add living space to our small bungalow.

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