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May 1, 2020

I have always loved the look of an English garden! Since moving into our home last summer, I envisioned creating an English garden in our yard. I have spent hours researching features and flowers found in these gardens and have started the beginnings of my very own English garden in my backyard.

This garden-style has a casual feel that welcomes and encourages guests to walk through the gravel walkways and explore.

Here are a few of the gardens that have inspired me the most!

Inspiring English Garden Designs

Check out this list of perennials that can easily be split and transferred with friends and family!

The Bosler House

I really started learning about English garden designs through my friend Jan. She is one of the most talented gardeners I know and her gardens are breathtaking. Whenever I had a chance I would pick her brain on how she created these beautiful landscapes. This is the garden in front of the historic home she and her husband restored – the Bosler House.

English garden in the front of the historic Bosler house

Jan transformed the front yard of her historic home into the beautiful English garden here.

Stunning front yard garden at the historic Bosler House

Barefoot Contessa’s Garden

This stunning garden belongs to Ina Garten! The climbing flowers and large limelight hydrangeas are my favorite part of this image.

Ina Gartens English garden

Another view from Ina Garten’s backyard shows those same hydrangeas and climbing flowers. The natural wood pergola with the weathered bench gives the perfect cozy feel.

Ina Gartens backyard oasis

The Sanctuary Home Decor

Isn’t this garden from the Sanctuary Home Decor enchanting?! I love everything about this backyard and have been taking notes of the different textures and colors I want to incorporate into mine.

Inspiring outdoor designs

I love the variety of flowers here surrounding the stone paver walkway.

English garden landscape inspiration

Another image that instantly caught my eye, the English garden style around the pool. Our backyard has a pool and I love seeing how someone incorporated the design around a modern pool.

Beautiful pool among an English garden landscape

Rambling Flower Garden (HGTV)

This image made me think of a secret garden that people of all ages would love. My garden is nowhere near this but I hope it will look as lush as this one someday. I want my kids to enjoy exploring here and all of the creatures that visit.

Lush garden filled with an abundance of flowers

English Garden Gate

The gate, natural stone, and flowering perennials always catch my eye at my family friend’s home. I love how this garden-style makes it feel like it just grew this way on its own, but I know it actually takes quite a bit of thought to achieve this look.

Perennial flowers and outdoor gate

Classic English Garden Style

I pinned these images because they represent the quintessential English garden style. I love looking at the flower variety and the heigh differences of each plant. So much inspiration from the stone pathways to the ivy climbing up the walls.

Enchanting garden inspiration
English garden inspiration

Who’s ready to start designing their own garden this Spring?! Pin this inspiration to quickly reference later.

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