Half Bath Renovation Challenge

August 26, 2019

I am excited to announce that I am participating in a half bath renovation challenge with my friend, Christie, from The Denverette!  Christie and I both share a passion for DIY and wanted a little kick in the butt to finally start our renovation projects in our half bathrooms!  We thought this challenge would be fun because we both have slightly different styles and goals for the end results of our bathrooms.  I am constantly thinking about resale value, so I can never get too crazy with personalizing each room.  Christie has a fun style that is a little more bold and is always personalized to her unique style. 

Here is a quick look at my dated half bathroom:

Half bathroom challenge before renovations

If you are a newcomer to my blog, welcome!  I hope you will stay a while and check out some of our other fun home renovations we have done while juggling our crazy lives with our two little kiddos.

If you have not yet visited Christie’s blog, I encourage you to check it out and of course follow her progress! Along with crushing major home renovations, Christie is also a master crafter with fun knitting and sewing projects highlighted on her blog.  Be sure to poke around her website to see all of the fun tutorials she has to offer. 

Challenge Details

  1. This is a 4 week challenge with a reveal on March 7th
  2. My goal is to spend $200 and Christie has made her budget goal $300 since she plans on tiling her floor

And that’s it!  

We will be posting updates on instagram to #halfbathchallenge and will be posting updates each week! Stay tuned for a progress report later this week. Thanks for following along!

P.S. Check out our guest bathroom renovation and master bathroom transformation at Flip 3!

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