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Drummond Flip House Tour: Before Renovations

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Last Updated on September 18, 2023 by lindseymahoney

I am excited to take you on a tour of the Drummond Flip house before our renovations begin. This is our fourth flip house and our first investment in Toledo, Ohio. I am excited to take you along as I tackle this big project!

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Flip House Tour | Before

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen that big renovations are already underway, however, I wanted to take everyone on a full tour of the home and highlight some of the changes we will be making. I will be going more in depth with each project as we delve further into the flip.

I worked with Mary from Toledo Home Tours to capture these before pictures and they look great! These photos make the house look like it is in a lot better condition than it is and continue to support my argument that everyone should hire a professional photographer when they sell their house.

Welcome to the Drummond flip house!


Exterior of the Drummond flip house

I just find this house so adorable!

We have owned this property for 2 days now and this baby already has a brand-new roof! Gutters are going on tomorrow and we will be painting all of the woodwork shortly thereafter. Here are a few other projects for the exterior.

  • New shutters
  • Landscaping
  • Replace door
  • Replace driveway
  • Repairs to the concrete porch

Front Room

Front room at flip 4

This room is huge!

Before of the front room

Here is our list for the front room:

  • Install flooring
  • Remove wallpaper and paint the walls
  • Open doorway into the kitchen

Screened In Porch

Weathered and peeling screened in porch

Originally we wanted to close this porch in and add extra living space but it just wasn’t in the budget.

  • Repair/replace screens
  • Repair wood
  • Paint


Small kitchen at the flip house before renovations

This kitchen is SUPER tiny and it is right in the middle of the home. This is the room I am the most excited about.

  • Knock out the wall between the kitchen and dining room and turn into a large kitchen
  • Brand new cabinets, countertops. We will have a coffee bar and a large island that has a built in kitchen table that seats 5
  • Replace flooring
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • New lighting
Before of the small kitchen

Dining Room

Before shot of the dining room

The dining room will merge with the kitchen to create an open kitchen/eating area.

Before shot of the dining room and kitchen


Before shot of the hallway

In the hallway, we will carry the same flooring throughout the first floor and we will be moving the HVAC from the crawl space into the closet on the right. This is under the stairs to go to the second floor.

Laundry Room

Before shot of the laundry room

I am super pumped for this laundry room/mudroom too!

  • To the right, there is the water heater. We will be building walls around it to put it into a closet and out of sight when doing laundry
  • Add bench and hooks to the left for mudroom storage
  • Opening the wall to the left and turning it into a cubby to put laundry baskets and a hanging rod for clothes
  • Wallpaper installation about the washer/dryer and a shelf
  • New back door
  • New floor

First Floor Bathroom

First floor vintage blue bathroom at the flip house

In this neighborhood, everyone loves a vintage bathroom that is in good shape. This bathroom just needs a really good scrubbing and it will be good as new.

  • Clean tile and grout
  • Paint
  • Exhaust fan and lighting
  • New faucets and shower head

First Floor Bedroom

Before shot of the first floor bedroom
  • Remove wallpaper and paint
  • Replace flooring
  • Replace fan

Second Floor Bathroom

Bathroom at the flip house before renovations

The footprint of this bathroom will remain but it will look completely different once we are done with it!

  • Remove current tub and install walk in shower at the back of the bathroom
  • Move toilet
  • Install larger vanity (hopefully two sinks but we will see)
  • Tile floor
  • Lighting

Master Bedroom

Before shot of the master bedroom

The upstairs bedrooms are really large and both have walk in closets. We will be doing the same updates for both bedrooms.

  • Paint
  • Replace carpet
  • Replace fan
Before shot of the master bedroom

Second Upstairs Bedroom

Before shot of the second upstairs bedroom
Before shot of the second upstairs bedroom


Before shot of the backyard

This backyard already looks completely different.

Drummond flip house back door

We have had 5 trees removed and all of the brush at the back of the yard removed. Now that we have a new roof we won’t have to worry about any old trees falling on it!

  • Add plants
  • Build deck
  • Replace fence with picket fence
Backyard of Drummond flip house

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

**Take a tour of this home once the renovations were complete!

Nancy Haldeman

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Love what you did with the Drummond Road house. It would have been perfect for my single daughter who is moving to Toledo! Do you have any other small house flips going on in the area?


Monday 2nd of March 2020

Thank you SO much! I just sent you an email following up. Looking forward to chatting!