5 Easy Tricks to Organize Your Kids Playroom

August 14, 2019
5 ideas to organize your playroom

If you have kids, you are familiar with the never ending challenge of keeping the playroom organized! Here are five easy tricks to organize your playroom and keep your sanity!

1. Trash Broken/Cheap Toys

Let’s be real. Kids have WAY too much stuff! Every time I turn around I feel like there is another stuffed animal or kitschy plastic toy. So, I need to you to watch a few episodes of Marie Kondo and start purging! I promise you, throwing away broken and cheap toys will make THE biggest difference in your playroom.

Set a goal of sorting through your playroom bins once a quarter (at least) to stay on top of the clutter. As you continue to keep your playroom clean, be mindful about everything you bring into the space. You can also use the “one toy in, one toy out” rule where your kids donate a toy whenever they bring a new one home.

Toy organization

2. Build a Storage System

Create a storage system with designated spots for the children’s toys. You can purchase bins that are color coded for the kids to easily recognize where specific toys should be stored. For example, the green bins are for my daughters toys and the blue bin holds my sons toys. The open cubbies on top are for books. My kids know this system which makes it easier during cleanup to put everything back in the right spot.

Toy storage unit to organize in bins

3. Make a Creativity Space

Create a designated space for your kids to get creative! Set up a table and chairs and organize their markers and crayons in a nice little caddy. Hang some magnetic chalk boards to allow them to display their artwork. Creating a designated space will help to keep the crafting materials in one spot (mostly!).

Magnolia Homes organization caddy

4. Create Rotating Bins

If your child has too many fabulous toys that are worthy of sticking around, consider rotating bins. Organize the toys in multiple bins and keep one out while the others head into storage. Each month rotate a new bin. Your child will feel like they have new toys to play with each month and it will cut down on your clutter!

Organized kids playroom

5. Donate!

Donate toys regularly and use the “one in, one out” rule when bringing in new toys. Set up a reminder quarterly and determine what should be pitched and what should be donated.

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