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Sherwin-Williams Likeable Sand (SW 6058) Paint Color Review

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Last Updated on January 15, 2024 by lindseymahoney

Sherwin-Williams Likeable Sand (SW 6058) is a stunning pink paint color that can be used as a neutral when designing a space.

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review

I first discovered Likeable Sand while planning my daughter’s bedroom makeover. My daughter wanted pink walls, so we compromised with more of a muddy pink paint color. I wanted a pink that was less bubblegum and more of a moody pink that could grow with her.

Originally, I planned to use the popular Farrow and Ball paint color, Setting Plaster, but it was a little peachier than I wanted. I visited our local Sherwin-Williams store and sampled a few other muddy pinks and Likeable Sand was the winner!

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review

Likeable Sand Light Reflective Value (LRV)

Likeable Sand has an LRV 50. It is exactly between the lightest and darkest reflective value, giving it that muddy color tone.

What is LRV anyway? It tells us how much light a color absorbs on a scale from 0 to 100. The lower the number, the less light the color will reflect and will therefore feel darker.

What are the undertones of Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand?

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review

A paint undertone is a color you don’t see that can cause the main color (tone) to feel warm or cool. Warm paint colors have yellow, beige, or pink undertones. Cool paint colors have green, purple, or blue undertones.

Likeable Sand has beige undertones that show through more when there is less natural light.

What paint colors pair well with a muddy pink color?

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review - bedroom walls

Pairing complementary colors together is always a safe bet when designing a space. In the case of Likeable Sand, the color blue is a great complement to pinks and reds. For my daughter’s room, I painted the desk, Meditative by Sherwin Williams, to complement the walls.

When using a warm color on the walls, it is important to mix in some cooler colors to offset that warmth.

I think that any color will pair well with this neutral pink color as long as the saturation is similar. I can see a muted green, yellow, and red, look great with Likeable Sand as long as they keep the same color tone.

What is the color code for Likeable Sand?

The hex color code is #d1b7a8.

Is Likeable Sand considered a warm or cool color?

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review

Likeable Sand is technically a medium light orange, which makes it a warm color.

With warm colors (red, orange, yellow), it is important to consider the amount of natural sunlight in the space because the color will change throughout the day.

Girls bedroom with muted pink walls

For example, my daughter’s bedroom has two windows that face the south. Throughout the day there is a lot of sunlight and her room feels light and bright. As the sun goes down, the pink walls become darker and the pink walls look more beige.

What paint colors are similar to Likeable Sand?

If you prefer to purchase paint from different brands, here are a few similar paint colors to consider:

Where should I use Likeable Sand in my home?

Sherwin Williams Likeable Sand paint color review - bedroom walls

Warm pinks create a warm and cozy atmosphere making it a great option for bedrooms. This warm, mid-tone hue looks fantastic in kitchens as well.

If you don’t want to paint the walls pink, consider adding this color with your furniture, a throw pillow, or a simple piece of home decor like a vase!

I am incredibly happy with how Likeable Sand looks in our home and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a muted pink that feels like a big hug.

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