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15 Beautiful Gray Green Paint Colors to Try

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Gray green paint colors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication to their living spaces. These colors can create a calming and serene atmosphere, making them perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Popular gray green paint colors to try at home | Building Bluebird

Here are our top 15 picks for the best gray green paint colors to transform your home.

15 Gray Green Paint Colors to Try in Your Home

Green is having a moment this year, especially beautiful gray green paint colors! Almost all of the 2022 Color of the Year choices from the major paint brands were a shade of green.

1 | Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams chose Evergreen Fog as the 2022 Color of the Year.

This grayish green really does look good everywhere! We recently painted our 2 story foyer using Evergreen Fog and I am in love! Such a timeless and classic look.

Source | Sherwin Williams

This yellow green shade has an LRV of 30. While the actual shade has some yellow in it, the color reads more gray green and acts like a chameleon, changing colors throughout the day.

How to Paint a Shed Yourself | Beginner’s Guide (Evergreen Fog door)

This natural hue looks great with the cottagecore trend!

2 | Benjamin Moore Silver Crest

Popular green paint colors to try at home | Silver Crest Benjamin Moore
Guest bathroom

While Silver Crest often reads more blue to me, it is actually a lighter shade of green. Per the Benjamin Moore description, the slightest touch of green and gray gives this color the hint of a light blue hue.

The LRV is 71, which makes this green the brightest paint color included in this roundup.

I used this paint color in the guest bathroom of our third home and it gave the space a spa-like feel. I

love how the gray vanity and crisp white linens look against this bright and airy color.

Popular green paint colors to try at home | Silver Crest Benjamin Moore

We used this same paint color in the master bathroom of our third home as well.

Using the same paint color in multiple rooms of a home is a great way to decrease waste with leftover paint and also save money!

3 | Benjamin Moore October Mist

Source | Benjamin Moore

October Mist is named Color of the Year for 2022 by Benjamin Moore! October Mist is a medium-light shade of yellow-green with an LRV of 47.

Paint colors can look very different depending on the amount of sunlight the room gets each day.

If a space gets hit with a ton of sun during the day, the green is going to feel warmer and the yellows pull through more.

When this gray green is used in northern-facing rooms that do not get a lot of sunlight, it will pull more of the gray tones.

4 | Farrow & Ball Treron

Source | Farrow & Ball

Treron is a beautiful dark gray green color with an LRV of approximately 27. According to Farrow & Ball, Treron is a darker version of Pigeon, which is more of a blue-grey.

Treron is a versatile green that looks great in a traditional design or a modern design with natural elements as accents.

5 | Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage

15 perfect gray green paint colors to try at home | Building Bluebird |  Svelte Sage Sherwin Williams
Source | Mudroom Wallpaper Install

Svelte sage is actually described as a medium to a light shade of yellow, according to Encycolorpedia. Because the LRV is 41, it helps to dull the yellow and not make the color too bright.

15 perfect gray green paint colors to try at home | Building Bluebird |  Svelte Sage Sherwin Williams

When I updated our mudroom, I wanted to find a muddy, gray green that had some warmth to it. As a result, the yellow shade gives this green paint color the perfect amount of warmth I wanted.

6 | Farrow and Ball Breakfast Room Green

Source | Farrow and Ball

I am obsessed with Breakfast Room Green and need to find a way to incorporate the color into my home. Farrow and Ball describe it as a cheerful green and I completely agree.

The LRV is 30, which aligns with the muddy, muted tones I am loving at the moment. As I noted before, it is a great color if you enjoy the cottagecore and Grandmillennial design trend right now.

7 | Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay

Popular green paint colors to try at home |  Oyster Bay Sherwin Williams
Green bathroom makeover

Oyster Bay is such a pretty shade of green!

With an LRV of 44, this earthy color has some depth and is perfect for small spaces that need a little oomph.

While working on the main bathroom at our flip house, I went back and forth on the best color for the space.

Because I was selling this property, I chose Oyster Bay because this shade of green is incredibly popular with potential buyers.

Popular green paint colors to try at home |  Oyster Bay Sherwin Williams

As a result, this home sold quickly and the homeowners loved the new bathroom.

8 | Valspar Blanched Thyme

Source | Valspar

Blanched Thyme was Valspar’s pick for the 2022 color of the year.

This natural green was chosen to refocus and ground your space in the new year. With an LRV of 35, I consider it a darker shade of gray green.

“Calming and nourishing – this natural shade encourages a calm balance within yourself and within your home.”

Sue Kim, Valspar® Color Marketing Manager

9 | Sherwin Williams Oakmoss

Popular green paint colors to try at home |  Oakmoss Sherwin Williams
Painted Furniture Makeovers

Oakmoss is a shade of green-yellow with an LRV of 13. This muted green is beautiful and can add a little drama to a space without being overwhelming.

I found this old music sheet cabinet at a garage sale and immediately imagined it painted a moody green color. This gray green accent looks so rich against the neutral, Alabaster wall.

Popular green paint colors to try at home |  Oakmoss Sherwin Williams
How to Paint Furniture

Because this gray green color looked so good in our living room, I used the same color on the coffee table.

Eventually, I sold the green coffee table and replaced it with a vintage Ethan Allen coffee table I found on Facebook Marketplace.

10 | Farrow & Ball French Gray

French Gray is a medium-light shade of yellow with an LRV of 43.

This soothing paint color is a bit of a chameleon. Because of that, it can change throughout the day from green to gray based on the amount of sunlight in the room.

Source | Farrow & Ball

I have seen this color used by some of my favorite Instagram decor accounts and it always feels so warm and welcoming.

11 | Benjamin Moore Antique Jade

Source | A Glass of Bovino

Antique Jade is a beautiful medium-light shade of green with an LRV of 54.

Alisa from A Glass of Bovino is the queen of green and this shade looks perfect in their bedroom!

As much as I love the green walls on their own, I especially love them when paired with the Colefax and Fowler Bowood patterned headboard and blanket.

12 | PPG Olive Sprig

2022 paint color trends to try in the new year | Building Bluebird 
Source | PPG

Olive Sprig brings the outdoors in as a beautiful gray green earth tone with an LRV of 42.

This versatile green paint color symbolizes regrowth as we emerge from a pandemic world.

13 | Clare Paint Money Moves

Money Moves by Clare Paint | Building Bluebird #grandmillennial #cottagecore #sagepaint
Source | Clare Paint

Money Moves is a beautiful sage color with an LRV of 46.

If you want a wall color other than gray, muted, desaturated colors are a great option for you.

14 | Sherwin Williams Thunderous

Source | Chris Loves Julia

Thunderous is another dark, gray green paint color that has an LRV of 15. These darker greens look great on cabinets like Chris Love Julia used this color in their kitchen makeover.

Colors with a lower LRV can be intimidating to paint an entire room so they are a great option for accent colors on a furniture piece or cabinets.

15 | Sherwin-Williams At Ease Soldier

Source | Midwest Life and Style

It is not surprising that I am drawing to this grey green paint color because it is one shade darker than Svelte Sage!

With an LRV of 32, this green paint color is a moody hue that acts as the perfect neutral in any room.


What does Light Reflective Value (LRV) Mean?

LRV tells us how much light a color absorbs on a scale from 0 to 100. The lower the number, the less light the color will reflect and will therefore feel darker.

What is LRV and how to use it when choosing gray green paint colors

The higher the LRV number, the more reflective the color, making a space feel lighter and brighter.

What is an Undertone?

A paint undertone is the color you don’t see that can cause the main color (tone) to feel warm or cool. Warm paint colors have yellow, beige, or pink undertones.

Cool paint colors have green, purple or blue undertones.

What colors go with gray green?

If you are using a gray green paint color to create a warm and cozy space, these colors work great!

If you are using the grey green paint color to create a light and airy space try using the colors below!

Keeping the tone consistent allows you to use every color in the rainbow while still keeping the design cohesive.

If you have a piece of fabric or artwork as the design inspiration, look at the different colors to choose some other colors that work well with your paint option.

Should I use a gray green color in my home?

There are many great reasons to add green to your home.

I mentioned this above, but green symbolizes nature and growth. Consequently, grayish green is a relaxing and calm color that brings life into a room.

This is a great option, especially if a room feels cold and stark.

Here are a few more questions to consider when choosing the perfect gray green color

What is the mood I want?

Maybe you want to create a serene bathroom that feels like a spa, or maybe you want a warm and cozy study.

For the spa-like bathroom, I would probably look at the lighter greens with a higher LRV number. For the warm and cozy study, I would look for earthier greens with a lower LRV number.

How much natural light is in the room?

Natural light in a room can completely change the look and feel of a paint color on the wall. If the warm and cozy study only had one small window, I would consider a green with a higher LRV.

If I wanted to create a warm and cozy study but there were 4 large windows, I could get away with a green that had a lower LRV because more natural light would be in the space.

What direction does the room face?

My office is situated with a large bay window facing south and it gets a lot of sun throughout the day. If I choose a paint color with warm undertones (ex: yellow) the color will feel warmer in this room.

That same paint color will look totally different in a room with northern facing windows.

Once I answer the questions above, I start narrowing down paint color options. Purchase paint samples to test on different walls and take some time to see how the color looks throughout the day.

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