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Our Secret to Renovating Homes with Jobs & Kids

On episode 5, Chris and I share our secret to renovating homes with full time jobs and two kids. The key to our success is by focusing on “bite sized” projects each week and working our way through the home. We will take you through three of these “bite sized” projects that we completed in Denver.

Raising two kids while renovating homes

Three “bite sized’ projects:

Laundry Room Before

The dark and uninviting laundry room closet before my updates

Laundry Room After

We spruced up this laundry closet with leftover materials and things that we already owned in our home!

Completing bite sized projects allowed us to renovate homes with kids & jobs

Utility Room Before

before utilty.jpeg

Utility Room After

Again, this entire renovation was complete in a few days and cost $0 to complete. We used leftover paint and materials found in the home.

Our secret to renovating homes is tackling bite-sized projects

Dogs Potty Spot Before

The backyard next to the garage was filled with weeds and gravel when we moved in.

Dogs Potty Spot Mid Renovation

I had to add this photo of the fresh green grass before the hot summer got to it! This was right before we added the fence to hide the potty area.

Our secret to renovating homes is with small projects

Dogs Potty Spot After

The dogs potty spot was located behind that small fence in the back with the gravel.

Designated potty spot for the dogs

Honorable Mention:

Basement at Flip 2 Before

The basement has great space but not a lot of storage for kids toys

Basement at Flip 2 After

The built-in cabinet storage and bookshelves was a 2 weekend project. It added so much function to the space.


BBH One Room Challenge:

It’s not too late to sign up for the One Room Challenge!

I am upping the stakes with the 8 day challenge and will be choosing my favorite renovated space at the end of the challenge and that participant will win one $50 gift card to Home Depot! 

To sign up for the challenge beginning on February 18th, click the button below.


Tips of the Week:

Chris: If you are having trouble with your furnace and can’t seem to get the heat up past 62 degrees, this is generally a sign that your battery needs to be replaced on your thermostat. 62 degrees is usually the default temperature and is a good indicator or the battery change.

Lindsey: To create a cohesive look in your home with different paint colors, try picking different shades within the same color family. For example, in our last home, the Accent House, I chose a neutral gray color and picked a one shade darker and one shade lighter to use throughout the house in various rooms. This brought variation to the home while also giving each room its own personality.

I used these three colors throughout my entire house in Denver. I added some bolder colors in the bathrooms.

I used these three colors throughout my entire house in Denver. I added some bolder colors in the bathrooms.