DIY a Frame for your Builder Grade Mirror

August 1, 2019

This weekend we were able to DIY a frame around our builder grade mirror to complete the master bathroom renovation! Our bathroom renovation was in the “95% complete club” but still needed some character and this quick project was the perfect remedy.

Last week I took three days off of work to focus on some of our home projects. I have to say, focusing on a single project for multiple uninterrupted hours was amazing! I have grown so accustomed to working on projects for an hour here and there with the kids in the house, it was pretty great working a full day. We knocked this DIY mirror frame out over the weekend and it is the perfect touch of rustic in our new master bathroom.

Mirror Before the DIY Frame

Plain mirror in our bathroom that will be getting a frame around it.

How to Build a Frame for a Builder Grade Mirror

Step 1: Purchase wood

Chris found 4 pieces of distressed wood at Home Depot and it was just the right amount of rustic to offset all of the brand new finishes in our master bathroom. It was perfect!

Distressed wood purchased from Home Depot.

Step 2: Cut out groove for mirror clips

The mirror is held to the wall with metal clips preventing the wood from lying flat on the mirror. We used a dado set to cut out a groove in the back of the wood so that the frame would lie flat around the mirror.  We are lucky to be friends with the owner of Platte River Woodworks, who could help with the necessary cuts.

Platte River Woodworks helped us cut the back of the wood to fit perfectly around the mirror

Step 3: Measure and cut the angles

Measure your mirror where the trim will be placed and determine your 90 degree angle cuts.

DIY mirror frame

Step 4: Nail frame into place

We used a nail gun to nail each frame board in place. Be careful not to hit the glass itself and stay towards the outside of the frame. There are probably more secure ways to frame a mirror, but a few brad nails worked just fine for us.

Chris nailing the frame into place in our master bathroom.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Our builder grade mirror now has a custom look and we were able to reuse a perfectly good mirror from our original guest bathroom.

DIY frame for our bathroom mirror.

Check out the full master bathroom renovation here!

Along with updating our mirror, we tackled a few other home projects over the weekend,. This included adding a gray stain to our coffee table. Thomas loved adding the stain and helping out his mommy with this quick project!

Staining the coffee table with my son.

The coffee table turned out fantastic and gave our family room a finished look.

Finished coffee table after adding a stain to the raw wood.

What DIY projects are you working on right now?

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