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The Best Supplies for Painting Interior Spaces

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Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by lindseymahoney

When it comes to painting projects in my home, I always choose to paint myself instead of hiring it out. The cost of labor adds up quickly and I prefer to use that money in other areas of our home. Today I am sharing the best paint supplies I prefer when painting interior spaces in our house.

Since 2011 when Chris and I bought our first home, we have renovated/updated four of our family homes, one flip house, and two rentals. That is a lot of practice painting interior spaces!

My favorite (and most frequently used) paint supplies for our home projects | Building Bluebid #paintsupplies #handypaintpail #paintprojects

We have lived in our current home for less than two years and have tackled lots of projects that included paint, including our dining room, master bedroom, and little boys bedroom.

My favorite (and most frequently used) paint supplies for our home projects | Building Bluebid #paintsupplies #handypaintpail #paintprojects

Best Paint Supplies for Interior Spaces

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My favorite (and most frequently used) paint supplies for our home projects | Building Bluebid #paintsupplies #handypaintpail #paintprojects

I grew up working on home projects with my parents and painting different rooms in our home. This included all of the paint trends of the early 2000s including the plastic bag painting technique. They even let me paint my bedroom dark red!

Over the last few decades, I have come to use the same items over and over when it comes to home projects and I am excited to share my go-to paint supplies with all of you!

My favorite (and most frequently used) paint supplies for our home projects | Building Bluebid #paintsupplies #handypaintpail #paintprojects
  1. 2″ Angled Paintbrush – An angled paintbrush is essential when painting the trim on the walls. The angle makes it easier to cut around the edges easily and create a nice straight line.
  2. Aluminum Platform – This platform is so great when painting the ceiling trim! I also use a step stool and ladder, but I have to step down and move them much more often than the platform.
  3. Flexio 5000 Paint Sprayer – This paint sprayer is fantastic when painting an area with grooves and crevices. I used the sprayer in our basement when painting the open joists and pipes on the ceiling.
  4. Paint Tray – This paint tray is deeper than most trays which allows me to fill it with more paint. It is really sturdy and has great paint tray liners that I frequently use as well.
  5. Spackling Paste – Before painting the walls, I always fill any holes with this spackling paste. I tend to just use my fingers, but this can also be applied with a putty knife. The paste goes on pink and dries white.
  6. Sanding Block – Use the sanding block on the walls after filling any old nail holes to create a smooth surface.
  7. 9″ Paint Roller Cage – I use this sized roller for any painting application to a standard wall or ceiling.
  8. 3/8 inch Roller Sleeve – This is the most frequently used roller sleeve that I use on walls and ceilings to achieve a smooth finish. I use a thicker nap if there is a lot of texture on a wall, like a stucco finish.
  9. Extension Pole – I like to use the extension pole when painting the ceiling. It easily screws onto the handle of the roller cage. You can also use this pole to paint long even strokes on the wall.
  10. Paintbrush Cleaner – This tool is so great for cleaning out paintbrushes! The metal teeth help to clean out the paint in a brush and the other side has a cleaning tool for roller sleeves.
  11. FrogTape – This tape is great for achieving crisp paint lines. I use it on our carpet when painting baseboards and around doors/windows. If you need to apply tape on an area that was recently painted, the delicate (yellow) Frogtape works best.
  12. Canvas Dropcloth – It is important to protect all surfaces where you are painting. I love this Stay Put dropcloth because it has a rubber backing that prevents it from slipping all over the place.
  13. Paint Cup Liner – I love these paint liners because it makes cleanup so much easier. I use the liners multiple times too.
  14. Paint Cup – This paint cup is so easy to hold when I am on a ladder or platform and has a magnet on the lip where you can connect your paintbrush.

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My favorite (and most frequently used) paint supplies for our home projects | Building Bluebid #paintsupplies #handypaintpail #paintprojects

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Jennifer Laura

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

I really need to get a paint sprayer, it would come in so handy! We always paint too, the only time we considered not painting was was in our last house and we really wanted to paint the ceiling and it was SO high. We ended up leaving it, but I still want to paint it, lol.


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Yes! I am getting more comfortable using it which has been nice. We just painted our basement ceiling and it was a great spot to practice since it wasn't super noticeable when I did get an even finish.