Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

August 1, 2019
Laundry room makeover

Our laundry room was in MAJOR need of a makeover! Because guests are not hanging out in our laundry room, this was naturally the last place to be updated. As we prepared to sell our house in Wheat Ridge, CO I knew that this laundry room had to get an update. I truly believe that these easily forgotten spaces are what sells a home when given a little care an attention.

With a little creativity, I was able to update the laundry room for free (with the exception of the new closet doors)! I shopped my house and used leftover materials to give this laundry room a fresh new look.

Before the Budget Friendly Makeover

This room was dark and dingy with a tan paint color on the walls. It was full of clothes and standard laundry room materials.  The photo below is more realistic of what this space looks like on a daily basis, but potential buyers don’t need to know that!

Our laundry room was dirty, disorganized and was in major need of a makeover!

The dated louvre doors made this hallway dark and uninviting.

Laundry Room After

I used leftover white paint to freshen up the walls in our laundry room closet. The paint immediately brightened up the space. I decluttered the shelf and added a large basket to hold all of our laundry supplies. I always say this, but paint is so transformative!

The laundry room makeover after it was painted and decluttered.

Why did I wait until we were selling this house to update this closet? For a space that I spend so much time every week, this makeover was long overdue.

Budget friendly laundry room makeover

I added a little life into the laundry room with a plant and a sweet photo of Thomas.

Budget friendly laundry room makeover

Finally, we swapped out the dated louvre doors for a more modern style of closet doors. Not only did this brighten up the laundry room, but it freshened up the hallway into the playroom.

New closet doors into the laundry room.

For little to no money you can transform your laundry room into a bright and happy space.

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