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Our Journey to Finding the Perfect Family Home

Episode 22 is really a time capsule of our journey to finding the perfect family home. We share our experience buying this house and all of the ups and downs we encountered throughout the purchase process. Every home buying process is unique and this purchase was no exception!

Did you catch my blog post last week where I gave a full tour of our new home?

Our journey to finding the perfect family home

First Impression

The first time we walked through this home, our kids made themselves right at home – trying all of the fancy accessories of the seller and playing with their fun toys. DON’T WORRY – they were preparing for an estate sale and everything was for sale – I did not just let my kids rummage through someone’s home. 🙂

Evelyn fell in love with these pink pumps
Evelyn loved all of the hats!

Initial Project for our Home

In the next 3 months we will be replacing most of the flooring.


White oak will be installed in the main living spaces and new carpet will be installed in the bedrooms and office.

Removing the carpet in the kitchen

Wallpaper Removal

We will be working on wallpaper removal as there are about 12 different kinds throughout the home. I WILL however be keeping the funky wallpaper in the half bath for now, even though my son begs me to get rid of that one first.

Retro wallpaper in our new home

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen will get a complete overhaul and will be one of our biggest projects. We will continue the hardwood floors into this space and then create a kitchen similar to the designs below that are talented friend, Jeff Unverferth, designed for us.

We plan on opening up the space between the back family room and the kitchen to make room for a large island. I apologize that the pictures below are not the best quality but I really wanted to give you an idea this amazing design we want to create. Click here to see the original kitchen in the home.

Kitchen design by Jeff Unverferth
Kitchen desigin for our new family home

Show Notes:

This Week…
  • We continue to plan renovations for our new home starting with Phase 1 – floors and kitchen
  • Balky rental property – there are always surprises when buying rental properties and this one is no exception! We replaced the plumbing and replaced the roof, but while that fix was being made, the electrical was cut and needs to now be repaired. Never a dull moment! Oh and there is a huge hole that we had to cover in the garage, LOL.
The garage at our new rental property
Rental property garage

Tips of the Week…

Chris: When you are buying a house and know what maintenance is coming with the property, ask the seller for a list of vendors and contact information that you can use in the future. For example, a roofer who specializes in cedar roofs, the pool company the seller uses, any lawn services they use, etc. This will make your life a lot easier once the home is yours.

Lindsey: If you are working on a paint project for multiple days and don’t want to clean your paint brush every day, wrap it in plastic and place it in your fridge to make it last longer before it starts to dry and clump. I hate washing brushes but know it is a necessary evil, so this is my little shortcut to put my least favorite chore off a little longer.

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