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Renovating Our Second Flip House in Denver

Today I am sharing the full transformation after renovation our second flip house in Denver! We made some major improvements to this house that paid off big when we sold it after 2 years.

Craftsman bungalow with a pop top

How we Found Our Second Flip House

When we found this house, we weren’t really even looking. Thomas was less than a year old and the walls at our first home were closing in on us – we really needed more space.

One Sunday, Chris and I walked through an open house in the neighborhood and the agent inside offered to stop by to give us an estimate on what we could sell our house for. When he came over we were super pleased with the estimate he gave us and he mentioned that he knew of a great house down the street that was for sale. We drove over to the house and I told Chris I HAD to have it! It had so much space and was in a great neighborhood in Denver – Berkeley.

The house had been on the market for quite a while but we knew it would be tough to convince the sellers to accept our offer. They reluctantly accepted but we had to sell our house in 7 days. We scrambled and got our house ready and on the market in 5 short days! We sold the house in a day and moved into our new home a few weeks later. To say it was hectic would be an understatement but it was so worth it! Here are the before and afters and projects we completed on our home.

Scroll down to see how much more we sold it for after 2 years in the home.

Before & After Tour:

Exterior Before

This house was originally a Craftsman bungalow and the previous owners popped the top (put the second story on). We absolutely loved the front porch on this house and all of the windows.

Flip house 2 before exterior renovations

Exterior After

In the front of the house we pulled out the large shrubs, painted the porch, removed the vinyl siding and added cedar shingles. It is not shown in this picture, but before we sold the house we also painted the trim bump outs around the windows to add more dimension to the house. We also removed the chain linked fence on the side of the house and installed a wood fence around the entire backyard.

Transforming the exterior of our second flip house in Denvver

Front Porch Before

The front porch had red concrete, a dark bead board ceiling and vinyl siding on the peak of the porch.

The front porch at our second flip before updates

Front Porch After

We painted a neutral gray over the red concrete, painted the bead board ceiling white and removed the vinyl siding from the ceiling beams.

The updated porch at our home in Denver

Dining Room Before

The dining room was originally closed off from the kitchen.

The dining room was closed off from the kitchen.

Dining Room After

The biggest transformation is the opening into the kitchen. This made ALL the difference. We swapped out the light fixture and lightened up the curtains to freshen up the space. We bought the table and chairs for $100 on Craigslist and painted and stained the top to achieve the look we wanted.

The renovated kitchen/dining room in our second flip house in Denver

Kitchen Before

When we moved in, the kitchen felt very small with the dark green paint and white appliances.

The kitchen before felt very small with the dark green paint and white appliances.

Kitchen After

Opening up the top part of the wall to create a breakfast bar was such a game changer and we didn’t really lose any storage. Half of the cabinets on that upper wall were wine storage that we were fine getting rid of. There is also a closet in the hallway behind the stove where we added shelves and used it to store pots and pans. We carried the same paint color from the dining room into the kitchen to give the illusion of a larger space and swapped out the old appliances for stainless steel.

Transforming the kitchen at our second flip house

Back Hallway Before

The back hallway used to be a bedroom before the second story was added to this home so it is very spacious even with the back stairwell.

Back hallway in our second flip house

Back Hallway After

The biggest change we made in this space was adding the slider to the backyard. Previously, the entrance to the backyard was on a small landing as you went into the basement. The stairs were too narrow and EVERYONE fell down them. I also painted the railing white and added curtains.

Transforming our second flip house

Upstairs Landing

The top of the stairs was a large open living space.

The top of the stairs was a large open living space

The top of the stairs had a bright orange accent wall that needed to be painted over with a neutral color.

Orange paint in the upstairs landing

Upstairs Landing After

Changing the paint color made this space feel really warm and inviting – I used one of my favorite grays, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. We used this space as another playroom/hangout area but staged it as an office when we sold the property.

Updated upstairs landing at our second flip house

Master Bedroom Before

The master bedroom was HUGE! We had enough space to create a sitting area along with a sleeping area in the room.

Master bedroom at flip 2

When we moved into the second flip house, we had the bed on a different wall.

Master bedroom before updates at flip 2

Master Bedroom After

This bedroom was HUGE!! We had enough space to create a sitting area on one side of the room. The closet of this bedroom could truly have been a bedroom. It had all custom shelves and was honestly a dream.

Master bedroom staged to sell

We added a sitting room with all Ikea purchases. This was a great space to hang out in our bedroom.

Flip 2 before and after transformation

Basement Before

The basement had a bright yellow paint color on the walls that we wanted to change. The basement also came with an awesome electric fireplace.

Basement After

This basement became our second living room, especially in the winter when we could turn on that awesome fireplace! Chris and I created the custom built-in’s and it turned out even better than I imagined. We used stock cabinets from Home Depot and raw wood that we stained as the counter. We built the shelves up top and then utilized old wood pallets to create an accent behind each of the shelves. Thomas’s toys fit perfectly in the cabinets and keep this space nice and tidy. Lastly, we painted the walls.

Built-in storage in the basement at our second flip house

Backyard Before

The backyard was a mess! The deck was falling apart and had multiple types of decking on the platform.

Another angle of our backyard before we added the large deck to the back of the house.

Backyard After

This is where the biggest transformation happened. Chris and I LOVE to create additional living space outside, especially in Denver where the weather is so great. Before, there was a small wood deck that was falling apart and was not properly built – the actually cut out a half moon where the door swung open and you had to step up onto the deck. We tripled the size of the deck and wrapped it around the back of the house to make to make it a true focal point of the space. I am most proud that we built the entire deck by ourselves – it was truly a labor of love.

New deck and swing set at flip 2

The Mahoney boys built the swing set and we replaced the chainlink fence with a privacy fence around the property.

Backyard before and after transformation

This was one of my favorite houses, not only because of the features in the home, but we were surrounded by some of the best neighbors who we are still close friends with today. We bought this house for $512K and with our upgrades and the benefit of homes appreciating quickly in the Denver area, we sold it for $642K two years later. That is a gain of $130K in just 2 years – of course we put some money into these renovations, but we made an nice profit after this great house sold. Ah the benefits of a live-in flip!

Have you ever considered flipping your personal home?