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Toledo Flip House Reveal | Before & After

The Toledo flip house is COMPLETE and sold to its new owners! I am so proud that we successfully and profitably flipped our first home. I can’t wait to share all of the before and after images of our first flip house in Toledo. Let’s get started with the tour!

Drummond Flip House located in Toledo Ohio

To learn more about the Toledo Flip house process, check out our post where I share our renovation plans!

Toledo Flip House Tour

Welcome to our first flip house in Toledo, Ohio!

Exterior Renovation

The exterior of this home has so much charm but it needed a little love. The roof was old and weathered, paint was chipping and the plants were completely overgrown.

The flip house before we completed any renovations

And here is the exterior after!

The Toledo flip house after the new roof, landscaping and paint happened.

We installed a new roof and gutters, cleaned out all of the flower beds, installed a welcoming (and more efficient) front door and gave it all a fresh new coat of paint. These updates drastically improved the curb appeal of our Toledo flip house. The two big projects that I originally planned were replacing the driveway and adding more landscaping. I did not factor in the weather and so I really just cleaned up the beds by pulling weeds, trimming the holly bush and adding mulch. I contacted multiple pavers and they were not repaving driveways for another month or so. We gave the new owners a clean exterior and a blank slate for the flower beds.

Living Room

Here is the living room before image. It had lots of smoke damage, the carpet was dirty and the wallpaper needed to come down.

Before photo with old carpet and pink wallpaper
Before front room with pink wallpaper and dating window treatments

And here is the front room after! It is so crisp and clean. A perfect blank slate for the new homeowners.

After with new flooring, fresh paint and a larger walkway into the kitchen

When we originally walked through the house, we thought there was hardwood under the carpet! There was hardwood in the dining room and in all of the closets, so naturally, we thought it went through the rest of the house – WRONG! We installed vinyl plank floors and painted the entire room. It wasn’t our original plan, but we ended up choosing a great laminate plank flooring option from Home Depot. We also opened up the walkways into the kitchen and dining room to create an open concept design.

After front room with fresh paint and updated front door.

We spent weeks removing all of the wallpaper, fixing all of the cracks in the walls and priming for the paint. Because the previous owner was a smoker, the walls were yellow and had to have an oil-based primer over everything to prevent the yellow stain from bleeding through the paint. We kept the original windows and the french doors, however, I removed the grid from the french doors to give the space a more modern feel.

Dining Room

When we bought this house, the kitchen was in the center of the home. We ended up swapping the kitchen and dining room to improve the layout.

Before, the small nook was where the stove was placed in the kitchen.

Here is the dining room after!

In the new dining area, we added shiplap to the back wall for visual interest and a pendant light for the table. This house is smaller and I felt this dining nook was the perfect size for the family that would live here.


Here is the original kitchen before renovations.

Before the kitchen was tiny in the center of the house.

It was SUPER tiny with no workspace or modern amenities, like a dishwasher. We decided to open the wall from the kitchen to the dining room and swap the rooms.

Before the dining room was a large space in the back of the house.
Original kitchen looking into the dining room
Before the dining room was closed off and dark with the green wallpaper
Original dining room looking to the front of the house

And here is the kitchen after! This new layout makes so much more sense.

Large, renovated kitchen

The new kitchen has the perfect triangle layout for maximum efficiency. It has plenty of storage, stainless steel appliances and stylish details that keep with the style of this older home. It took some time to finally figure out the best kitchen layout, but I think we nailed it.

You can see both doorways have been opened up to give the home a more open concept feel while still having clear, designated spaces. We kept the original pantry (Chris loves a good pantry!) but cut the size in half so that the opening into the living room could be larger.

Open concept kitchen and dining room

Laundry Room

The original laundry room was uninspiring and dirty. The exit to the backyard is also located in the laundry room. I knew I wanted to make this space beautiful and really wow potential buyers.

Before the laundry room was dirty and had lots of space with no purpose.

Here is the laundry room after the renovations! The new laundry room is clean, crisp and most important – it is functional!

Originally, the water heater was open in the laundry room, so we enclosed it in a closet and installed a louver’d door for air ventilation. Across from the washer and dryer, I added a mudroom feature with a bench and hooks. For a fun element of surprise, I added this whimsical Hygge and West wallpaper. Finally, I added a closet to store laundry baskets and hang clothes.

Laundry room with trendy wallpaper

First Floor Bathroom

Here is the first-floor bathroom when we first purchased the home. The vintage blue bathroom had so much charm but was really dirty and covered in smoke.

Before, the vintage blue bathroom had lots of charm but needed to be cleaned and painted

And here is the first floor bathroom after a little elbow grease!

1950's blue tile bathroom restored

Not much was needed in this bathroom to make it a showstopper again. I repaired any cracks in the wall and painted them a crisp white to compliment the blue tiles. We bought a new sink because the other one no longer functioned and scrubbed the tiles clean! I am a true believer that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I love that I was able to restore an original piece of this home.

First Floor Bedroom/Office

The first floor bedroom was filthy from smoke. The blue wallpaper and dirty carpet had to go.

Before. the first floor bedroom was filthy from smoke and the blue wallpaper and dirty carpet had to go.

And here is the office when we listed it! Fresh paint, new floors and a new ceiling fan give this room the update it needed.

After, the bedroom is clean with fresh paint and new vinyl plank wood floors and a new ceiling fan.

Upstairs Bathroom

This is one of my favorite transformations in the home. The second floor bathroom had a bazaar layout with the angled ceiling and the shower was leaking.

Before, upstairs bathroom was dated and did not have a functional layout.

And here is the bathroom after! We created a beautiful and spacious walk-in shower in the back of the room to allow for a larger vanity. I kept the design classic to fit in with the original features of the house and it came out beautiful.

Updated bathroom with walk in shower

I used period-appropriate tiles with the hexagon white tile on the floor and subway tile in the shower to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home. The bathroom is timeless while also offering homebuyers all of the modern amenities preferred today.

Upstairs Bedroom #1

Before, the walls were cracked and dirty, the carpet was old and the ceiling fan was dated.

Before, the walls were cracked and dirty, the carpet was old and the ceiling fan was dated.

And here is that first bedroom after the renovation! We updated the walls, carpet and ceiling fan. I also had appropriate HVAC ducting installed in the ceiling for maximum comfort.

After, the walls are smooth and painted a neutral color, the carpet is new and a modern ceiling fan was installed.

Upstairs Bedroom #2

The second bedroom looked very similar to the first.

Before, the second bedroom was dated and dingy

We made all of the same updates to this second bedroom with the paint, floors, ceiling fan and HVAC vents.

After, the bedroom is fresh with new paint, carpet and a new ceiling fan.


The backyard was completely overgrown with weeds and trees.

Before, the backyard was overgrown.

And here is the backyard after renovations. We created a blank slate for the new homeowners that is full of potential! We removed 6 trees and pulled out the overgrown weeds. I would have loved to have built a deck on the back of the house and install a new fence but we couldn’t make it work with our budget.

Clean backyard at our Toledo flip house

I loved restoring this home to its original beauty while making it functional for modern families today. Thank you for taking the tour of our first Toledo flip house!

Before and after tour of the Toledo flip house transformation! | Building Bluebird #hgtv #bathroomrenovation #homerenovation

Karen Badzik

Friday 15th of January 2021

WOW!!!! You guys did such an amazing job! All of your hard work really shows - you really transformed the place into a lovely home ready for a new family! I'm impressed!


Saturday 16th of January 2021

Thank you so much! We put a lot of love into that home and we were so happy to restore a home in one of our favorite Toledo neighborhoods.