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16 Timeless House Designs with Shutters

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Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by lindseymahoney

There is something about a house with shutters that instantly elevates the look of the home.

16 Timeless House Designs with Shutters

In the past, I have described the windows as the eyes of the home and the shutters as the mascara. The finishing touch on the exterior of a house that really makes it pop!

It is Springtime in Ohio and the list of outdoor projects I plan on tackling this summer continues to grow!

To start, I have repairs scheduled for our cedar shingle roof and have quotes coming in for brand-new gutters.

16 Timeless House Designs with Shutters

The exterior of our house is due for a fresh coat of paint and I would love to update the shutters as well.

In an ideal world, I would love to replace our current, louvered shutters on the house with new ones that are properly attached with hardware. Depending on the cost, the shutters on our house may just get a new color and fresh coat of paint.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share all of the inspiring house designs with shutters to help me choose a color!

16 Gorgeous Houses with Shutters | Inspiration

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1 | Classic Colonial

Classic colonial house with shutters

My brother and sister-in-law lovingly restored this 1920s Colonial home and the exterior is my favorite transformation.

The black gutters and black shutters look so good against the crisp, white house! They installed a beautiful storm door and stripped the paint off the original door to expose the lovely wood.

The American flag is the cherry on top of this stunning house.

*Check out the budget-friendly kitchen makeover we tackled at their new historic home!

2 | Blue on Blue Exterior Color Combo

This cheery little bungalow is the most charming house on the block. Pairing two shades of blue for the siding and shutters is genius!

The happy green door greets visitors and the white trim tops off the look of this perfect exterior.

3 | Historic Brick House

Classic brick house with black shutters | Inspiration

It is easy to be inspired by the beautiful manor house at the Wildwood Metropark. The Colonial brick house has black shutters framing the windows.

The house is a stunning backdrop to the meticulous gardens surrounding the entire property. One of my favorite activities is walking through the park and visiting the Manor house garden.

If you are ever in the Toledo area, I highly recommend a trip to Wildwood to tour the house.

4 | French Country Charm

Source | Frederick Spitzmiller via Instagram

The pale blue shutters against the stone and wood shingle exterior create the perfect touch of rustic elegance for this new build.

Wrought iron accents in the front complete the look of this charming French country style home.

5 | Charming Brick Bungalow

Brick bungalow with black shutters

In 2019, Chris and I purchased a cute brick bungalow to renovate and flip. When we bought the house, the shutters were a weathered blue. I decided to paint the shutters black to match the garage and attic vent.

In addition to replacing the front door, I also painted it a gray-green color that looked fabulous against the brick. The side porch was painted the same color to match.

6 | Red, White, and Blue Bungalow

Red white and blue cottage style house

I am obsessed with every detail on the exterior of this house, including the dark blue shutters. The Gas Lantern Cottage is an Airbnb you can rent in Toledo, Ohio.

Not surprisingly, the owner of the property is a local interior designer who has made this house the star of Main Street.

THIS is how you use red, white, and blue on the exterior of a house without looking kitschy.

7 | Perfect Autumn House

Colonial white house with blue shutters
Source | jackiegreaney via Instagram

Maybe it’s the bright orange leaves or the classic woody car out front, but this house is making me feel some things!

The rich blue shutters against the white siding of this house really are the perfect backdrop for fall foliage and seasonal decor.

8 | Traditional White House with Black Shutters

Traditional white house with black shutters and red door

I had the pleasure of selling this beautiful house and it was a dream! This house oozes curb appeal with the black shutters against the white siding and red front door.

We had multiple offers to buy this house within hours of it hitting the market.

9 | Cape Cod Charm

Charming Cape Cod cottage with blue shutters and cedar shingles

The cottages on Cape Cod will always have my heart. The bright blue shutters are the perfect complement to the grayed cedar shingles.

The blue hydrangea bushes complete the quintessential Cape House that I dream of owning one day.

10 | Fairytale House with Shutters

German schmear brick siding with pale blue shutters
Source | Harbor Blue House via Instagram

I have been leaning toward a dark color on the shutters but this image has me rethinking that!

Similar to our home, this house has a cedar shingle roof and a white, German schmear brick exterior. I am really digging the light blue shutters and garage doors! The flowers in the window box are pretty charming too.

11 | Green and White House

White house with green shutters
Source | Patrick Ahearn Architects via Instagram

I love this view because it is similar to the exterior of our current home.

The dark green shutters paired with the copper gutters look so nice.

12 | Monochromatic House with Shutters

Green house with moss green shutters and window box

This monochromatic look at our friend’s house is so visually striking, especially with the spring bulbs in the window box.

You can never go wrong with rich earth tones!

13 | Blue and White House

White house with blue shutters and a white fence
Source | Patrick Ahearn Architects via Instagram

Similarly to my love of blue and white interiors, I also love this color combo on the exterior of homes too!

14 | Black House with Black Shutters

Saltbox house with black siding and black shutters
Source | Kristynewengland via Instagram

Even though black exteriors are having a moment right now, this black house with black shutters looks so timeless!

This image is so visually beautiful with the falling snow and pop of red with the woman walking down the street.

15 | Father of the Bride House

Father of the bride classic colonial house with green shutters

How many people saw this house in Father of the Bride and fell in love!? Nancy Meyers has a way of making every home feel so welcoming and idyllic.

16 | House with a Picket Fence

I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with any house that has shutters, rambling rose bushes, and a white picket fence. Add an American flag to the porch I am completely sold!

Yes, it is the stereotypical “American family” home, but I love it just the same.

I hope these charming house designs with beautiful shutters have sparked a few ideas for the exterior of your own home!

Now that I have my inspiration images I am going to buy a few paint samples and test them out at our house. Wish me luck!

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