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26 Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall on a Budget

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Last Updated on June 12, 2024 by lindseymahoney

By the end of the summer, I am ready for fall and all of the fun traditions the new season brings. The leaves on the trees are changing, farms are harvesting their crops, and using elements in nature is an easy way to decorate for fall on a budget.

How to decorate your home for fall on a budget!

As soon as the weather turns cool I am busting out my sweaters and love to create that same cozy look with fall decor.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

Here are a few easy fall DIYs to try and set the mood this autumn season.

20+ Easy Ideas to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

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Arrange Fall Branches in a Vase

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird
Master Bedroom Makeover

Cut a tree branch with beautiful leaves, stick it in a vase, and use the branches as your fall centerpiece without spending any money!

This is one of my favorite decorating tricks, but unfortunately, the fall foliage on the branches can look a bit wilted after a few days.

This same effect can be created with a few faux tree branches and the look will last all season.

Display Childrens Seasonal Artwork

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

At the end of the school year, my kids come home with a large folder full of artwork that they made throughout the year.

If my kids have any artwork with a Halloween or fall theme, I like to frame my favorites and use them for fall decorating. The kids love it, it is inexpensive decor and I love the sentimental touch it brings to our home.

Decorate with Dried Flowers

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird
The hydrangeas pictured are still drying out

Dried hydrangeas can be used as decor for literally any season and they last for years! If you don’t have any hydrangeas in your yard, ask a friend or neighbor if you can prune their hydrangea bush. As hydrangeas dry, their color turns cream and brown which make for the perfect fall color palette.

Last year I was sitting in line at Chick-fil-A and noticed the gardeners were cutting all of the dried hydrangea branches off of the trees that line the drive-thru line.

I hopped out and asked them if I could take all of their clippings and they happily agreed. With a little creativity, you can find some hydrangeas or other fall florals to utilize too!

Hang a Fall Wreath on Your Door

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

Swapping out the front door wreath in early fall is a great way to signal the changing of the seasons.

Fall wreath DIY

Look for fall wreaths with natural elements, like branches and moss, or a wreath with autumn colors like rusty reds and bright oranges.

Add Clusters of Bats

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

Sometimes when a decor trend becomes popular, I resist doing it. I started seeing 3D bats used as Halloween decorations a few years ago and finally jumped on the bandwagon. They are so much fun and a budget-friendly way to add a little whimsy to seasonal decor! I purchased 60 bats for less than $10.

Print Spooky Halloween Filtered Photos

This is easily my favorite Halloween DIY that the kids love too! Using Instagram filters, we applied spooky Halloween faces on each kiddo, edited the images to black and white, and printed enlarged photos.

Once the prints are framed they are a dramatic Halloween decoration that can’t be missed.

Decorate for Fall with Pumpkins

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

Decorating for fall with real pumpkins is the easiest way to signify the changing of the seasons.

I like to use an assortment of pumpkins on our porch and front steps to create a more elevated look. The classic orange pumpkins are great during the month of October and can be carved up right before Halloween. For a more coordinated look, consider using white pumpkins.

Visit your local Home Goods or Target during the fall season to find decorative pumpkins for the interior of your home. I have a glass, white pumpkin that is great to display on a coffee table.

Display Mums in Your Yard

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

Mums are the quintessential fall plant that shows the time of year when cooler months are upon us. They are available in a variety of fall hues including red, orange, purple, and yellow.

Mums are also great perennials to physically plant in your flower beds that will bloom every fall.

Decorate your Porch with Hay and Cornstalks

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

I love the look of a few bales of hay on the front porch to decorate outdoor spaces. Corn stalks are a great way to bring some height and interest to the front porch, too.

At the end of the season, we add the hay to our compost station in the backyard. It always makes me happy when I can reuse or recycle fall decor.

Light Scented Seasonal Candles

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

After Labor Day weekend I am ready for all of the autumn scents in the air! Any scented candle with pumpkin spice or apples always reminds me of the fall season.

Display Seasonal Items in a Cloche

Displaying seasonal items in a glass cloche is a fun way to decorate for each holiday. For Halloween, I added plastic skulls inside the cloche for a spooky look.

Decorate with Natural Materials – Copper, Brass, Wood

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

For our Thanksgiving tablescape, I used copper urns to create flower arrangements for the dining table. I focused on a cozy color scheme for the arrangements and used yellow flowers, dark red carnations, green leaves, and brown and green magnolia leaves to create the feeling of fall.

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

Autumn is all about warm, earth tones like creamy whites, browns, mustard yellow, and deep red. Incorporate these colors into your decor and it will instantly bring you into the cozy season!

Swap Decorative Pillows

Swapping throw pillows (or the throw pillow cover) seasonally is a great way to give each space a little refresh and extend the life of your decorative pillows. In the spring and summer, I use throw pillows with brighter colors or pastels and lighter material, like linen.

For the fall and winter, I like to use decorative pillows with warmer colors and cozy materials like velvet or cable knit material. This is one of the easiest ways to add seasonal touches to your living space. They can be reused every year too!

Seasonal Floral Arrangements

This pumpkin floral arrangement was super easy to make and cost less than $20! With a small pumpkin, floral foam, and a bouquet of flowers, you can add a unique centerpiece to a table in your home.

Shop at Thrift Stores to Find Fall Decor

When decorating my home, I try to not go overboard with buying a bunch of brand new seasonal items. I prefer to collect decor over time with estate sale or thrift store finds, and end-of-the-season sales each year.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

All of the books, candle holders, and even the candlesticks themselves were found at estate sales. The buffet, lamp, and map artwork are also second-hand purchases in our dining room.

Estate sales are a fantastic place to find holiday decor, especially for Halloween and the Christmas season.

Display Past Halloween Photos

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

I have so many memories from celebrating Halloween over the years, and I have a few favorite costumes as well! Display photos of your favorite Halloween memories or family costumes to personalize your fall decorations.

I customized the picture frame matting by adding a black and white checkerboard pattern to compliment the Addams Family photo.

Light a fire in your fireplace

It is amazing what a lit fireplace can do to set the mood. As cold weather hits, take advantage of your fireplace and set up a roaring fire to create a cozy home.

Bowl of Apples

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

Fall always reminds me of apple picking. What better way to get into the holiday spirit than displaying a bowl of apples?

Set Out Copper Mugs

Not only do copper mugs pull in natural elements, but they also create nostalgia for fall drinks like hot toddies, apple cider, or a Moscow mule.

Ghost Painting Trend

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

This DIY is right up my alley! I saw the ghost painting trend on Tiktok and knew I had to try it.

Once I found a cheap piece of artwork at a flea market, I used leftover paints to add spooky details to the painting. A few ghosts, bats, and a full moon and I have custom Halloween decor to display at home!

Decorate for Fall with Books

My kid’s bedrooms are stuffed with books, including seasonal and holiday books mixed into the bookshelves. I like to swap out books on display to reflect the season or upcoming holiday.

If you have bookshelves or a book ledge, pull out any books that talk about autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

For a more “grown-up” look, pull together all of your books with black covers or fall colors on the spine. Add these books to tabletops, mantles, or, shelves. Try pairing them with a faux skull, spiderwebs, or a pumpkin!

Lean Into Childlike Decor

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

While I love more subtle Fall decor, I am a fan of adding a few playful elements to celebrate Halloween. Last year we added a skeleton dog to our front porch, which is fitting since we have three in our home!

20+ easy and affordable Fall home decor ideas

We hung a spooky ghost creature on the porch and even made our own scarecrow one year. The kids love decorating for Halloween and the joy on their faces when we add decor that is a little tacky is totally worth it!

Swap out Throw Blankets

My family loves snuggling up with blankets on the couch, so I usually keep one or two folded on the couch to easily grab. The remaining blankets are tucked away in a basket to keep the family room from feeling too cluttered.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

Swapping out the “display” blankets for all of the seasons is an easy way to give your room a little refresh. For the fall, I like to set out blankets with a plaid pattern (similar) that incorporates fall, warm colors.

Hurricane with Acorns

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

In the fall, I like to use small acorns to fill in the space around a candle in a glass hurricane. They look great at the base of a lantern as well.

Seasonal cloth napkins

I try to use cloth napkins for all of our meals, and this is another easy way to incorporate colors or patterns that feel like fall.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

For a more formal occasion, below is an image of a Thanksgiving table setting with cloth napkins (similar) and a brass leaf napkin ring.

Decorate with Eucalyptus and Fall Flowers

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

Flowers that bloom in the fall are inexpensive options for fall decor. Eucalyptus is a beautiful plant that looks great in fall flower arrangements. Sunflowers are another seasonal flower that always gives the feeling of fall when included in a bouquet.

This year I planted my first cutting garden the marigolds and coneflowers were the perfect autumnal colors to display once September arrived.

20+ easy ways to decorate for fall on a budget | Building Bluebird

Flower picking at a local farm is a fun fall activity for the family and is great for seasonal decorating!

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