Designing a Budget Friendly Nursery

August 5, 2019

Once I found out I was expecting a little girl, I couldn’t wait to start designing a budget friendly nursery. We were renovating other spaces in the home and I was excited to flex my DIY muscles and put together an affordable nursery.

In an ideal world, I would have had all white furniture for the nursery. But in the REAL world, we owned darker nursery furniture from our son’s room that was perfectly good. Either way, I had a tight budget and we made it all work!

Nursery Before

Nursery Design

To save money, we reused furniture we owned and refinished furniture that was found at thrift stores.  Each piece we found was less than $20.

With my goal in mind of spending as little as possible, I started the project by determining a color palette and theme.  With the color palette in mind, I chose Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams (also used in Thomas’ room) for the walls.  

Nursery color palette
Faux flower inspiration for the nursery

I chose her nursery bedding and curtains from Pottery Barn. Pia Penelope is the style and the curtains are Bella Tassle .

Pia Penelope bedding from Pottery Barn

Thrifted Furniture

End Table

I bought this piece a few years ago and fell in love.  It felt very feminine to me so I painted it white and trimmed it out with a pale pink.

Thrifted end table

Book Shelf 

I bought this piece at Goodwill and it was dark and dated. I painted it white and added a pop of color to the back.

Thrifted bookshelf


We saved this window from our neighbors house before it was demolished and a duplex was built.

Old window with Target wreath

Decorative piece above the closet

I bought this when I was back in Ohio a year ago and I believe it came from the top of an old dresser. I painted this a dusty pink.

Furniture I Already Owned

  • Crib – Dark wood crib that used to be Thomas’.
  • Rocking Chair – This chair has definitely seen better days, but it still functions great.  We added a pillow and I purchased a faux fur rug to lay on the footrest.
  • Dresser – We first used an old yellow IKEA Hemnes dress as a changing table and then swapped it out for another white IKEA dresser that we already owned
  • Shelving – Reused from our previous home
  • Mirror – Had this for years

Nursery After

Budget friendly nursery

Thanks for taking a tour of my little girls first bedroom!

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