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Farrow & Ball Skylight | Paint Color Review

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Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by lindseymahoney

Skylight No. 205 by Farrow & Ball is a gorgeous pale grayish blue. While planning my guest bedroom/office makeover, I knew that I wanted a soft blue on the walls.

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review

The room has one large, bay window that gets a lot of natural sunlight throughout the day. After testing out a few different paint colors, Farrow & Ball, Skylight was the clear winner. I colored matched the Farrow & Ball color at Sherwin-Williams.

The blue walls are beautiful and it has quickly become my favorite light blue color. Let’s review this color and see if it is the right hue for your home!

What color is Skylight by Farrow & Ball?

Skylight is a pale and traditional blue. Its name comes from the soft light that pours through a ceiling skylight.

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review

Is Skylight No. 205 a warm or cool color?

Blues are considered cool on the color wheel along with greens and purples. Skylight looks cooler when used in small spaces and grayer when used in larger open areas.

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review

Attributes associated with cool paint colors include relaxing, soothing, and calm. Cool colors are popular in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Skylight Light Reflective Value (LRV)

The light reflective value (LRV) for Farrow & Ball, Skylight, is 57.

LRV tells us how much light a color absorbs on a scale from 0 to 100.

The lower the number, the less light the color will reflect and will therefore feel darker. The higher the LRV number, the more reflective the color, making a space feel lighter and brighter.

What are the undertones in Skylight?

A paint undertone is a color you don’t see that can cause the main color (tone) to feel warm or cool. Warm paint colors have yellow, beige, or pink undertones. Cool paint colors have green, purple or blue undertones.

Skylight has gray undertones creating a wonderful neutral blue color.

What paint colors pair well with light blue colors like Skylight?

  • White – for a crisp and classic look
  • Green – for an analogous color scheme
  • Pink – for a complementary color scheme
  • Darker blue

Blue and Green

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review
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Of course, I am biased, but I love a pale blue paired with a pop of bright green. I built the green upholstered headboard in the guest bedroom and it pairs so well with the blue walls. It is called an analogous design when you work with two colors next to each other on the color wheel.

Blue and White

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review
Guest Bedroom Reveal

Pairing Skylight with a crisp white creates a refreshing look. Blue and white is a classic color combination that is as timeless as they come.

Light Blue and Light Pink

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review

Pairing pale blue with its complementary color, pink, is always a winning combination. The pale pink, dried hydrangeas look beautiful against the pale blue backdrop.

What are similar colors to Farrow & Ball’s Skylight?

Looking for a color that is similar to Skylight? Consider these:

Skylight vs. Sea Salt

Farrow and Ball, Skylight vs. Sea Salt

Let’s compare Skylight with another popular and similar paint color, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. The color, Sea Salt, has more green undertones and is slightly more reflective than Skylight by Farrow & Ball.

You can see that Skylight looks more blue (right) than Sea Salt (left) when compared side by side.

Skylight vs. Borrowed Light

Farrow and Ball, Skylight vs. Borrowed Light

When comparing Skylight to Borrowed Light, you can see that Borrowed Light is much brighter. The gray undertones in Skylight are much more visible when side by side with Borrowed Light.

Where can I use Skylight in my home?

Light blue is a peaceful and calming color and is often associated with trustworthiness and reliability. Today, society tends to associate light blue with baby boys, which is something to consider as you design a space.

Farrow and Ball, Skylight, paint color review

Pale blue colors, like Skylight, create a sense of tranquility and therefore it is a great option for spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Where have I seen the Farrow & Ball Skylight color used before?

Whenever I pull together a paint color review, I utilize the site, Encycolorpedia. Along with providing details about that specific color, it often shares a piece of artwork where the color can be seen.

Entrance to the Harbor, Le Havre picture by Eugène Boudin - Skylight Farrow and Ball

The Farrow & Ball color, Skylight, can be seen in the Entrance to the Harbor, Le Havre picture by Eugène Boudin.

This is such a great resource, especially if you don’t have a specific item where you are pulling design inspiration. This gives you a beautiful piece of artwork to pull other colors from and incorporate into your space.

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