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6 Ways to Create Less Waste During the Holidays

December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas from the Mahoney Family! This year I really focused on using less this holiday season. Today I am sharing 6 ways to create less waste during the holidays. These simple changes helped me to use less and not sacrifice all of the beautiful decor that comes with the holidays.

Happy holidays from the Mahoney's

6 Ways to Create Less Waste

1. Skip Name Tags

Choose one style of wrapping paper for each child. When they wake up on Christmas morning they will know which gifts are theirs based on the paper. Ditching the name tags means one less thing going into the garbage.

6 Ways to Create Less Waste During the Holidays

2. Use Craft Paper as Wrapping Paper

Use craft paper to wrap some of your gifts. Wrapping paper with metallics or any foil cannot be recycled. Craft paper can be decorated beautifully and be very designer chic. Use natural elements to wrap the gift like butcher’s twine, tree trimmings and dried oranges to complete the look.

Use craft paper instead of wrapping paper for Christmas

3. Reuse ribbon

Reuse the ribbon on opened packages! I have two large bags full of ribbon I have saved and they look brand new on presents. When adding a bow to a present, you can wrap it in a way where the ribbon will easily unravel by the tug of one side. Check out my full tutorial on how to create the perfect Christmas bow.

Reuse ribbon to wrap present each Christmas

4. Reuse bags and boxes

ABSOLUTELY save all of your boxes and holiday gift bags! Get creative and use shipping boxes to wrap gifts as well. Gone are the days where department stores packed in a handful of boxes with your purchases, now you gotta save those suckers!

5. Decorate with Compostable Materials

Decorating with natural elements is so beautiful and the best part is that it is all easily compostable! Try your hand at making dried orange garland. Decorate with a strand of cranberries or go old school and add some string popcorn to your tree! Get creative with natural elements while wrapping presents.

Dried orange garland - use less during the holidays
Compostable wreath made with natural elements
Create less waste by using natural elements to decorate for the holidays

6. Use tree trimmings to decorate your home

If you buy a real tree, use the left over branches you cut off to decorate in your home. You can also ask any employee at a tree lot to take some of the leftover branches and they will happily give them to you. Pine trees in your yard work just as well too!

I cut a few branches from my pine tree and added them to a gold vase. It looks great and smells lovely too!

Cute pine branches and use to decorate for the holidays

I used tree trimmings to add some festive greenery around our family Santa photo collection.

Use tree trimmings to decorate your home

Want to save this to reference for the holidays next year? Use the pin below to add it to your holiday board on Pinterest!

Create less waste during the holidays with these 6 simple tips | Building Bluebird 
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