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Dollhouse Makeover | Holiday Gift Idea

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The dollhouse makeover is complete! In the words of Pinkalicious (my daughter’s favorite show), “it’s pinkatastic!” This was such a fun project for me. I loved designing this house with my daughter in mind, you will quickly realize that she LOVES the color pink and everything girly. I can’t wait to give it to her on Christmas morning.

Let me take you through the full makeover of this sweet little dollhouse!

Dollhouse makeover Christmas present

Dollhouse Exterior

I found this old dollhouse at a thrift store and knew it would be the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter. I snagged this beauty for $50 and wanted to be as thrifty as possible while renovating the house.

When I found the house, the exterior was blue with chipping paint.

Old and weathered dollhouse I found at a local thrift store

I used leftover white paint from our home and mixed in red craft paint to find the pink tone I wanted for the dollhouse. I was trying to get the pink tone as close as I could to the Young House Love beach house. Can you see the similarities?

Mixing leftover paint to make pink for the exterior

And here it is with a fresh coat of paint.

Dollhouse transformation with Christmas lights

Dollhouse Interior

The interior of the dollhouse was covered in old wallpaper that needed to be removed. I have been removing wallpaper in our new house so I had all of the tools required on hand. Easy peasy!

Here is the interior before.

Old dollhouse interior

And mid wallpaper removal.

Dollhouse wallpaper removal
Dif is a great product to remove wallpaper

And the interior after.

Renovated dollhouse interior with girly designs

Dollhouse Decor

When I started looking for decor to furnish this house, I quickly learned that lots of people share this hobby and there are some seriously cool accessories you can buy. I looked to Young House Love and At Home With Ashley for inspiration and tips on saving money, but man, it is REALLY easy to get carried away transforming these little houses! You can legit design an entire dollhouse the way you would design your own living room. There are so many modern accessories, it was hard to resist not buying them all!

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to keep this makeover as cost effective as possible, so I really limited myself to what I bought for the house. I focused on the shell of each room and limited my purchases to a few staple pieces for the . main rooms. If my daughter loves playing with it, we can buy the rest of the furniture together to decorate the remaining rooms.

New dollhouse decor purchased from Hobby Lobby & DIY'ed

Dining Room

Renovated dollhouse dining room

My daughter had Frozen collectors cards that I used as the artwork in the dollhouse. In the dining room, I applied wallpaper on the ceiling to add a little statement design to her dollhouse.

Wallpapered ceiling and Frozen artwork in the dollhouse

I cut some faux flowers I had in my craft bin and tucked them into the cap of of my travel hairspray to make a potted plant. I love how it turned out and love that it was free!

DIY'ed house plant - faux flowers in a hairspray cap

Living Room

The feminine design with the floral wallpaper accent wall & baby blue furniture is exactly the look I was going for. I found leftover burlap from one of my projects in my art bin and cut out a square to create an area rug for the living room.

Dollhouse living room with floral wallpaper and DIY'ed rug

I couldn’t resist adding Evelyn’s sweet school photo to the frame in the living room.

Evelyn's school photo in the living room of the dollhouse

The flower arrangement in the living room is another bunch of faux flowers in my storage room that I placed in a napkin ring.

DIY'ed flower arrangement with faux flowers in a napkin ring


Evelyn and I will furnish this room together. I painted the room white and installed a cute accent wall with little birds on it. I used another hairspray cap and tree trimmings to add some greenery to the space.

Bedroom with bird wallpaper & DIY plant

Cost Breakdown

Freshly painted pink house

I purchased the bulk of the decor at Hobby Lobby and DIY’ed the rest with craft supplies I had laying around my house.

Purchase List:

I spent about $80 on the interior of the house. With the price of the house at $50, the total cost of this makeover was $130. I had so much fun designing this dollhouse with my daughters personality in mind. If you are interested in designing a dollhouse of your own, I know they sell them at Hobby Lobby and can often be found at thrift stores. Once I had dollhouses on my mind, I found multiple in thrift stores around town!

Faux plant & glitter deer outside the pink house

Thinking of designing a dollhouse of your own and want to save this for inspiration? Don’t worry, I created a custom pin for you to add to your Pinterest board and easily refer back to this post!

Budget friendly dollhouse makeover that any little girl is sure to love! Furniture sources & DIY tips to decorate each room. #dollhouseminiature #diy #dollhousemakeover