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Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

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Last Updated on March 12, 2023 by lindseymahoney

Looking for thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season? Check out these easy and affordable DIY Christmas gifts that your friends and family will love.

Unique DIY gift ideas for the one you love this holiday season | Building Bluebird

Easy DIY Gift Christmas Ideas to Try at Home

Easy and affordable DIY holiday gift ideas this season | Building Bluebird #gifts

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Picture Ledge DIY

Build a wood ledge for pictures and artwork. Great for people who want help filling a wall in their home | Building Bluebird #pictureledge #artledge #shelf

This DIY picture ledge is super easy and affordable too! I made this wood ledge for under $30 and gifted it to my parents for the holidays. We helped them hang the picture ledge in their family room to display their favorite photos of the grandkids.

If you know someone who is looking to decorate a wall in their home or wants to display photos in a unique way – check out the full tutorial and gift this beauty!

Upcycle an Old Dollhouse

Makeover an old dollhouse for a unique DIY holiday gift idea | Building Bluebird #holiday #dollhouse #christmas

When my daughter was old enough to begin playing with small dolls, I knew I wanted to find an old dollhouse and renovate it with her style in mind.

Makeover an old dollhouse for a unique DIY holiday gift idea | Building Bluebird #holiday #dollhouse #christmas

I found an old dollhouse at an estate sale and couldn’t wait to start fixing it up for my baby girl! You can find affordable old dollhouses at thrift stores, Facebook marketplace, or at a local estate sale.

Using craft paint in our storage room, I mixed up a pretty pink paint color (my daughter’s favorite) and brightened up the exterior.

Makeover an old dollhouse for a unique DIY holiday gift idea | Building Bluebird #holiday #dollhouse #christmas

I cleaned up the interior of the dollhouse as well by adding custom wallpaper, flooring and artwork to reflect everything she loved.

Customize a Family Yearbook

Unique DIY gift ideas for the one you love this holiday season | Building Bluebird

The family yearbook is my favorite DIY gift to make and give every Christmas.

Although I am not creating this scrapbook by hand, building the yearbook online and creating the design for each page is definitely a creative DIY.

This is a great way to capture all of the memorable moments throughout the year and they make a great gift for grandparents and spouses!

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Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Unique DIY gift ideas for the one you love this holiday season | Building Bluebird

This DIY gift idea is so easy and can be made for $0! Wooden Christmas trees are a great gift for grandparents, parents, or even teachers to display every holiday season.

To make these yourself, use any scrap(or new) wood and cut triangles with a table saw. I used 1-inch thick wood scraps to create my trees. Once the triangles were cut, it was time for us to decorate!

My kids decorated their wooden trees with craft paint. I added water to the craft paint before painting each triangle to give the look of a stain on the wood. Using leftover wood stain in your garage is another easy way to add color to the trees!

Napkin Rings with Heirloom Brooches

DIY napkin rings with heirloom brooches | Building Bluebird #giftideas #holidaygift #tablesetting

This is a wonderful DIY gift idea for the entertainers in your life. I purchased gold napkin rings online and glued brooches to the top. You can find really fun brooches by thrifting or by using old brooches from family members.

When my husband’s grandmother passed away, there were piles and piles of pins and brooches for grandkids to take. Once everyone had taken what they wanted, I took the remaining pins and brooches and turned them into sentimental keepsakes.

Now every year, the family has the sentimental brooches set out at the Christmas table to admire. I also turned some of the other brooches into ornaments for the tree.

DIY Ornaments

Let your kids paint ornaments and gift them to friends and family | Building Bluebird #giftideas #christmas

A Christmas tree stuffed with DIY ornaments gifted throughout the years is my favorite!

Head on over to your local craft store and pick up some plastic ornaments, craft paint, and brushes. Let your kiddos decorate ornaments for family members and you have the perfect DIY gift!

Personalized ornaments with childrens artwork | Building Bluebird

My parents gifted this fun ornament to us a few years ago and I love it so much. Take a drawing from your kiddos and have it etched onto an ornament. It is so fun to unwrap these memories every year and hang them on the tree.

DIY Jewelry Dish

Seashell Jewelry Dish

DIY a one of a one-of-a-kind jewelry dish using a seashell and Rub n’ Buff.

Classic Artwork

Create a timeless piece of art using a digital print, Mod Podge, and a vintage picture frame.

I hope these unique DIY Christmas gift ideas have you inspired to create beautiful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Once you choose your gifts, don’t forget to wrap the presents so that they wow your loved ones! Top off the wrapped gift with a beautiful bow. 🙂

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