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Real Estate Tips

Check out all of my real estate tips when it comes to buying and selling a home or investing in property. Whether it’s finding and creating the home of your dreams or selling your property for top dollar, check out my tips in the blog posts below. Learn different ways to invest in real estate and lessons I have learned along the way.

  • 7 Simple Tips When Picking Interior Paint Colors
    One of the most common questions I get is how to choose the best paint colors for your home. Often it is from readers who are moving into a new home and don’t know where to start in terms of paint colors.
  • Creating a Beautiful, Livable Interior | Bosler House
    Steve and Jan wanted a home that functioned for their family today while also fitting in with the period when the home was built in 1875. Unfortunately, because the roof had been removed for 6 years, there wasn’t much to salvage in terms of original materials.
  • Restoring the Beautiful 1875 Italianate Home | Bosler House
    The Bosler house was built in 1875 by Ambrose Bosler and became one of the first homes built in North Denver (now the Highlands neighborhood). This home was built right before Colorado received statehood status.
  • Advice When Considering a Real Estate License
    It is not uncommon to hear someone talk about wanting to get their real estate license. While it is true that anyone can buy the real estate course and take the test, becoming a successful real estate agent takes a lot of work. Today I am answering common questions about getting a real estate license and sharing my personal experience. I was definitely naive when I first signed up for the course and have learned a lot of lessons during my first few years as a realtor.
  • The Best Airbnb in Toledo, OH | Gas Lantern Cottage
    Today I am excited to take you through one of the most popular Airbnb listings in Toledo, OH – The Gas Lantern Cottage. This beauty is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and within walking distance of downtown Sylvania.
  • How to Get Started Investing | Live in a Flip House
    Living in a flip house is a great strategy for beginner investors and offers many benefits. One big challenge that new real estate investors encounter is capital. This strategy is beneficial for investors who are just starting out and can only afford one property.
  • Why Hire Professional Real Estate Photographer
    As a licensed realtor with Danberry in NW Ohio, I know the importance of high-quality images to sell a home. In fact, I included professional photography in my services as a listing agent because it is so important. I spoke with Mary Wyar, a professional real estate photographer, to discuss why you should hire a professional photographer to sell your home. I have summarized her insights into the top five most important reasons to have professional photos taken of your home.
  • 10 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home & Sell Fast
    Today I am sharing my 10 simple home staging tips to sell your house fast!  As a licensed real estate agent and investor, I absolutely LOVE this part of selling a home! With these tips, I know you will maximize the value of your home and stand out from the competition.
  • Joining a Real Estate Team | Is it Right For You?
    Joining a real estate team or becoming an independent agent is a big decision! When I became a realtor 1.5 years ago, I started as an independent agent at a brokerage. I recently joined the Rigali Group with Danberry Realty and am loving the benefits of working on a real estate team. Today I am sharing my tips on what to consider when deciding to join a real estate group.
  • Five Popular Types of Historic Victorian Homes
    Today, I am sharing five popular Victorian homes designs and their key identifiable features. These include Gothic Revival, Queen Ann, Folk Victorian, Italianate, and Second Empire styles.
  • 5 Tips to Get Your New Home Organized Fast
    Tips from moving experts! Check out our 5 best tips to get your new home organized fast.
  • Adding Curb Appeal to Our Third Home
    Today I am sharing our next big project – installing a new roof and painting the exterior of our home to improve the curb appeal! I have mentioned this before, …
  • Mobile Home Parks | Investment Strategy
    I first learned about investing in mobile home parks through my friend Kate. We both loved learning about real estate investing and decided that this could be a great strategy to partner up and work together. We booked a three-day course in California to learn how to buy ourselves a mobile home park.
  • My Career Transition: Leaving Ad Tech for Real Estate
    It has been almost a week since my last day at SpotX and I am continuing to adjust to my career transition.  I started SpotX when I first moved to …
  • Tour this Incredible Victorian-Style Home in the Old West End
    This beautiful Victorian-style home was built in the late 1800s and is located in Toledo’s Historic Old West End. If you are a fan of architecture and old homes, touring the Old West End is a MUST!
  • 9 Great Home Staging Tips from an Interior Decorator
    Today I am excited to share great home staging tips from a local interior decorator, Debbie Jacoby! Debbie is selling her beautiful Tudor-style home in NW Ohio and her home …
  • Actions to Take Before Closing on a Flip House
    Once you identify a flip house and have it under contract, there are a few actions investors can immediately take. Along with being an active realtor in NW Ohio, I have experience with three live-in flips, one fix and flip, and as well as owning a few income properties.
  • Open House Cheat Sheet to Sell a Home Fast
    Today I am sharing how to create a custom homeowner’s manual to sell your home fast! This manual is an open house cheat sheet and it allows you to share the great features of your home that may go unnoticed at an open house. What home renovations did you complete while living in the home? What upgrades are included that may not be visible to potential home buyers?
  • How to Invest In Real Estate to Pay for College
    Once I had my first child, I automatically started thinking about how I would pay for his college tuition! If you are like me, the idea of paying for your …
  • 5 Real Estate Investing Tips for Beginners
    Are you a new real estate investor who is looking to find their first property? I am breaking down five simple questions for you to answer that will help you move forward and find your first real estate investment property!
  • 5 Ways to Finance Your First Investment Property
    Thanks for tuning in to episode 6 of From the Nest Podcast! On today’s episode, Chris and I are discussing 5 different ways to finance your first investment property. 1. …
  • Buying an Investment Property Site Unseen
    On today’s episode of From the Nest Podcast, Chris and I talk about buying an investment property site unseen! We are breaking down how we found this deal and our …
  • Kitchen Design at the Drummond Flip House
    Thanks for tuning in to episode 12 of From the Nest Podcast! On today’s episode, Chris and I are discussing the kitchen design at the Drummond Flip House. Designing the …
  • A Year in Review of my Entrepreneurship Journey
    On today’s episode of From the Nest Podcast, we discuss a year in review of my entrepreneurship journey. One year ago I left my corporate job and have been through …
  • 5 Lessons Learned with Home Inspections
    On today’s episode, Chris and I are sharing our top 5 lessons we learned from our many home inspection experiences. Home inspections can be stressful and it is easy to …
  • How to Easily Find Comparables for Your Home
    On today’s episode, we are reviewing how to easily find comparables for your home or investment property. Understanding how to pull comps is a valuable skill as a real estate …
  • Getting Your Income Property Ready to Rent Quickly
    When purchasing an income property the goal is obvious, to make income! We purchased our second income property (site unseen) and had the rental ready to list within 30 days. Today I am sharing the steps we took to get our rental property ready for renters and making money quickly.
  • 1031 Exchanges & Capital Gains Tax
    On episode 21 of From the Nest Podcast, Chris and I are reviewing 1031 exchanges and capital gains tax with our listeners. We are by NO means experts, but we …
  • Restoring an American Colonial Style Home
    Today I am excited to share a beautiful restoration of this classic, colonial style home. Who doesn’t like to see an old home be brought back to life? My brother and his wife spent two years restoring every piece of this home and the transformation is jaw-dropping.
  • 10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal
    Today I am sharing 10 quick and easy tips to improve the curb appeal and exterior of your home. For all three of our flip houses, we did major work