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1920’s Colonial Home Restoration

August 5, 2019

I am so excited to share the restoration of my brother and sister-in-law’s 1920’s Colonial home!  Jon and Shannon bought this 1920’s colonial style home and couldn’t wait to restore and bring it back to its former glory.  

Jon and Shannon at their Colonial fixer upper

I would describe Jon and Shannon as purists when restoring a home. They respect the history of a house and take pride in bringing out all of the original features. They spent two years transforming each room and the house is truly a masterpiece!

1920’s Colonial House Tour:

Exterior Before

Jon and Shannon spent many weekends scraping this house and painting it white. They replaced the roof, gutters and waterproofed the exterior of the foundation.

Exterior After

Isn’t this the most charming house you have ever seen?!

1920s colonial home restoration

Living Room Before

I love the transformation in this room.  Do you see all of that woodwork?! Now imagine taking a heat gun and scraper to every part of those doors baseboards & mantle…NUTS! This house has so much love (and sweat) put into it.

Before the restoration

Here is Jon, methodically working his way around the house restoring the original woodwork. Jon used a Wagner heat gun to restore the woodwork and it worked great.

Jon restoring the original woodwork

Living Room After

Restored 1920's colonial home
Restored colonial home

Dining Room Before

Before the dining room was dark and dirty. There was paint all over everything – woodwork, windows and the sconces. They restored the wood floors, removed the paint from all baseboards and windows and they even repaired and restored the sconces on the wall.

Dining Room After

Dining room with restored wood floors and woodwork

The restored original sconces really added charm to the home.

Restored 1920's sconces

Kitchen Before

The kitchen was a mess.  In this room they had to replace the ceiling, refinish the floors, find replacement tiles for behind the sink, fix up the interior of the cabinets and paint paint paint!! The updated kitchen has such a quaint and vintage feel.

Kitchen After

They kept the same cabinets and repaired the broken backsplash.

1920s original kitchen
1920's original kitchen

Half Bath Before

This bathroom is super tiny and located right off of the kitchen.

Half Bath After

This bathroom was SO sweet once they finished the updates. They added a retro sink that gave the bathroom more space, painted the walls a moody green and added a large mirror.

Half bathroom with vintage charm

Guest Bedroom Before

This bedroom was covered in wallpaper that was very challenging to remove.

Removing the wallpaper in their fixer upper

Guest Bedroom After

Once this room was complete, it was a calming guest retreat for all of their friends.

Guest bedroom in 1920's colonial

Nursery Before

The nursery had a beautiful set of built-in’s that they preserved.

Nursery After

Paint, new window treatments and new furnishings transformed this room.

Built-in's in 1920s colonial home

Bathroom Before

The bathroom still has its original tiles and tub.

Bathroom After

They scrubbed the tiles and added a dark gray to the walls to tie in nicely with the black band around the subway tiles.

1920's bathroom

Big thanks to Jon and Shannon for letting me show off their house on my blog. 🙂 I am a proud big sis and love that I get to show off all of their hard work. 

The owners of the colonial restoration

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