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7 Inspiring Kitchens | Mushroom Cabinet Color

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Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by lindseymahoney

A major trend in the kitchen this year is incorporating a mushroom cabinet color into the design. While it is “on trend”, mushroom-colored cabinets have been a popular color for kitchen cabinets for years.

7 inspiring kitchens with mushroom colored cabinets | Building Bluebird

It is a fantastic option for a timeless kitchen design with neutral colors.

I am helping my parents design their kitchen renovation (sometime in the future) and am heavily considering mushroom-colored cabinets.

I am pinning lots of kitchen inspiration and the kitchens below are a few of my favorites!

7 Gorgeous Kitchens with the Mushroom Cabinet Color

As you scroll through these kitchen designs, I am sure you will notice some similarities between them. I am taking notes on my favorite design elements and incorporating what I can into my parent’s kitchen design plans.

*Check out the best mushroom paint colors to try at home!

1 | Jean Stoffer Design

7 inspiring kitchens with mushroom colored cabinets | Building Bluebird
Source | Jean Stoffer Design

In my opinion, Jean Stoffer is one of the best kitchen designers around! Along with designing kitchens, she also sells cabinetry in custom colors.

The cabinets are Kensington Taupe and it is the perfect warm neutral for a kitchen.

The black countertops, brass hardware and lights, and vertical shiplap walls blend seamlessly together to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to spend time with friends and family.

2 | Martha Stewart

7 inspiring kitchens using the mushroom cabinet color | Building Bluebird
Source | Martha Stewart

If mushroom-colored cabinets are good enough for Martha Stewart’s kitchen, they are good enough for me!

This kitchen has a timeless look with its vintage-style milk glass pendants, chrome hardware, and greenish gray walls. The stainless steel appliances and light gray countertops give this kitchen a modern touch.

3 | Sabbe Interior Design

7 inspiring kitchens using the mushroom cabinet color | Building Bluebird
Source | Sabbe Interior Design

Stephanie Sabbe is another one of my favorite designers these days this kitchen is one of my favorite designs.

The mushroom cabinet color falls on the lighter end of the spectrum and adds just the right amount of warmth to this bright and airy kitchen.

This kitchen includes classic design elements that would have been incorporated in kitchens 100+ years ago.

This kitchen incorporates natural elements like copper pots, unlacquered brass, and glass jars that make it feel like this kitchen has been around for decades without feeling dated.

4 | My Brother’s Kitchen Makeover

7 inspiring kitchens using the mushroom cabinet color | Building Bluebird

All of the inspiring kitchen designs I have shared are from incredible designers whose work has a higher price tag and is totally worth it!

However, this mushroom cabinet color can be incorporated into budget-friendly makeovers as well. For $200, I transformed my brother’s kitchen by painting the cabinets by painting their existing cabinets in this mushroom paint color.

This cabinet update modernized the kitchen while also feeling true to the 1920s era of the home.

5 | deVOL Kitchen

7 inspiring kitchens using the mushroom cabinet color | Building Bluebird
Source | deVOL

I have yet to come across a deVOL kitchen I did not love. Their kitchens have that English country vibe where it never feels too fussy.

The vent holes in the upper cupboard are quintessentially English and one of my favorite design details in a kitchen.

The cupboards below are actually painted in a custom deVOL paint color named “Mushroom”. This kitchen has a bit of a utilitarian feel with the stainless steel island and open shelving for jarred ingredients.

6 | Amber Interiors

7 inspiring kitchens using the mushroom cabinet color | Building Bluebird
Source | Amber Interiors

Another stunning kitchen design that bring the outdoors in with the large windows overlooking mature trees.

The mushroom-colored cabinets are adorned with different styles of unlacquered brass hardware. The reclaimed wood on the vent hood creates a relaxed atmosphere within the kitchen. The beadboard and natural earth tones add a subtle hint of the cottage and English style.

7 | Erin Zubots Kitchen

Source | Erin Zubot Design

Erin is one of my favorite DIY bloggers to follow. Her designs always look high end but cost less with her great DIY projects. The English-inspired kitchen is beautiful with mushroom-colored cabinets around the perimeter and a dark gray/black paint color for the island.

While I love a bold kitchen, these inspiring kitchens are a great reminder that neutral kitchen cabinets are anything but boring!

What is the mushroom color?

There are many variations of the mushroom paint color, but it is essentially a soft, warm brown with lots of gray undertones. It is also often called taupe or greige.

What pairs well with the mushroom cabinet color?

Stone countertops like marble, soapstone, or granite; natural wood tones, matte black accents, and raw brass hardware. Natural elements look fabulous with this paint color on kitchen cabinets to create a timeless and classic design.

What paint colors go well with the mushroom color?

A neutral, white wall looks great against the mushroom cabinet color. If you look at all of the inspirational images in this post, they all have white walls. Any muddy color or earth tone will look good with this mushroom color. Here are a few examples:

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Friday 10th of November 2023

What cabinet company has mushroom color cabinets. I live in woburn MA


Friday 10th of November 2023

Most cabinet companies will have a color option that will qualify as "mushroom" or you can purchase a mushroom paint color to apply to the cabinets as well.