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Check out the latest DIY home projects to try at home. These simple DIY tutorials are perfect for homeowners and beginner DIY enthusiasts. Enjoy the process of creating a home that functions for your family and brings you joy every day!

Here are the most popular DIY home projects and tutorials this month!

My Favorite Painting Tools

Paint is one of my favorite tools when it comes to DIY home projects! Here are the paint supplies I use most often when it comes to painting projects around the house.

Latest DIY Blog Posts

  • How to Paint an IKEA Dresser with Laminate Wood
    Revamping an IKEA dresser with a fresh coat of paint is a fantastic way to personalize and upgrade your furniture. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color or achieve a sleek, modern look, painting an IKEA dresser is a manageable DIY project.
  • Awesome Painted Furniture Makeovers | Before and After
    Transforming tired, old furniture into beautiful, refreshed pieces is easier than you think! I have tackled many painted furniture makeovers in my day and they are a creative and cost-effective way to breathe new life into your home decor. 
  • How to Install a Shower Niche | Best DIY Tips
    When tiling the shower surround in our kids bathroom, I added a recessed shower niche and learned a lot! This DIY was a little intimidating, but totally manageable once I got started and I know it will be for you too with these tips! I am excited to share all of my tips and tricks for you to tackle your own DIY shower niche project because the extra storage space is worth it!
  • The Best Kitchen Cabinet Paint Kit to Try at Home
    The best kitchen cabinet paint brand is the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit. It is incredibly easy to use and it is budget-friendly! While the name of the product highlights that the paint kit is perfect for kitchen cabinets, I have used the Cabinet Transformations kits on multiple pieces of furniture, too!
  • Easily Tile Your Shower Walls With This DIY Tutorial
    I decided to DIY my own shower tile installation because I am overly confident and think I can find any answer on YouTube! For real though, tackling a DIY shower remodel for the first time can be intimidating, but it is totally doable.
  • Painting a Bathroom Cabinet DIY | Step by Step Tutorial
    The existing vanity in our kid’s bathroom had seen better days and was in dire need of a makeover! A fresh coat of paint is the quickest way to update a bathroom vanity cabinet on a budget. If you have a wood vanity that is in good shape this bathroom vanity makeover is a great option for you!
  • Awesome 1960s Bathroom Vanity Makeover | DIY
    One of my favorite DIY projects of the kids’ bathroom makeover is the updated vanity. If an existing vanity is in good condition, I would much rather give it a makeover instead of tearing it out! A new vanity can cost a lot of money and I knew we could transform this 50+ year old cabinet with a little bit of effort.
  • Decoupage Easter Eggs Using Napkins and Mod Podge
    This decoupage Easter egg craft is super easy and is an affordable and unique decor option for Spring. In all honestly, I do not decorate with a lot of seasonal decor, but this is a subtle decor piece that can be customized to fit any style!
  • Decoupage Seashells to Create a Beautiful Decorative Dish
    Create a beautiful vacation keepsake with this easy DIY project. Decoupage seashells or oyster shells that you brought home from your beach vacation!
  • Sherwin-Williams Upward 6239 | Paint Color Review
    Let’s do a paint color review of Upward, Sherwin-Williams (SW 6239) color of the year choice for 2024! Every year, top paint brands choose a paint color for the new year that they expect to be trending in home interiors. Let’s dig in as to why this denim blue is THE color of 2024 according to Sherwin Williams.
  • How to Polish Tarnished Silver to Make it Look Shiny and New
    I love finding beautiful items at estate sales or thrift shopping that are made from quality materials, like silver. Oftentimes, these beauties are hidden under a layer of tarnish just waiting for someone to polish them up and make them shiny again!
  • Create Your Own Unique Match Holder with Striker | DIY
    Last Updated on February 6, 2024 by lindseymahoney Making your own DIY match holder instantly elevates a boring household item into a unique piece of home decor! If you are …
  • Easy DIY Paint Chip Bookmark for Valentines Day
    Last Updated on February 1, 2024 by lindseymahoney This Valentine’s Day my daughter asked if we could DIY the Valentines for her classroom. We decided to create a paint sample …
  • Easy DIY Checkered Mirror Using Leftover Paint Samples
    This DIY checkered mirror was so easy and the perfect solution for a boring floor-length mirror I have owned for years. I have been looking for a large mirror for a few months now and have not found one that I love.
  • How to Clean Paint Brushes – The Easy Way!
    My toxic trait is that I love DIY paint projects but I HATE to clean the paint brushes afterward! It sounds simple to wash your paintbrushes right after you complete a project, but that is the last thing I want to do after painting for hours. This year I am going to listen to my own advice and take better care of my paintbrushes.
  • Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage Color Review
    Svelte Sage (SW 6164) by Sherwin Williams is the perfect neutral green paint color for your home and I am excited to dive into a complete color review!
  • 10 Unique Ways to Decorate with Christmas Tree Trimmings
    Decorating your home with Christmas tree trimmings offers a multitude of benefits. First, it is a cost-effective way to add a festive touch to your space. Instead of purchasing new decorations each year, you can repurpose the trimmings from your tree, saving both money and the environment.
  • How to Wrap a Present So It Looks Beautiful Every Time
    hen I wrap a present for loved ones, I want the packaging to be as beautiful as the gift inside! A Christmas tree goes up a level when there are beautifully wrapped gifts tucked under the tree.
  • Create a Beautiful Christmas Garland Mantel | Affordable DIY
    I am thrilled with the asymmetrical Christmas garland mantel DIY I created for this year! Just like every other holiday season, it can be a struggle to design the magical winter wonderland I have in my imagination without spending a fortune, but I do love the challenge.
  • How to Make Art Prints Look Like a Vintage Painting
    Unique artwork throughout a home has the opportunity to tell a story and turn a house into a home. If I could buy custom paintings and hang them throughout my home I would, unfortunately, not have the budget to fill my walls with original artwork all at once. As I continue to slowly collect original art, I am excited to share this easy and affordable DIY to make art prints look painted with a simple technique.
  • How to Make a Pumpkin Flower Arrangement | Fall DIY
    Looking for an easy and affordable floral arrangement to display on your Thanksgiving table? Look no further than this beautiful pumpkin flower arrangement that is perfect for autumn! This unique floral arrangement costs less than $20 and adds a festive touch to any tablescape. These flowers aren’t just to set the table, they also make a great gift! In total, this project took about 30 minutes to create two arrangements.
  • Must-Try Spooky Halloween Decor with Easy Photo Filter DIY
    Looking for an easy Halloween DIY that your family will love? This spooky Halloween photo filter DIY is the perfect craft that everyone will love! I first saw this creepy DIY at a friend’s house and I knew I had to create my own to display in our house.
  • 2024 Color of the Year Round-up From Popular Paint Brands
    It’s that time of year again when our favorite paint brands predict the most popular paint colors in the new year! It is clear that the blue hue is predicted to be a popular paint color in 2024, based on the Color of the Year choices.
  • Fall Wreath DIY using Decor From the Dollar Tree
    Are you looking to add some festive fall flair to your home without breaking the bank? Hang a beautiful custom, autumn wreath on your door to welcome guests to your home! The Dollar Tree is a fantastic place to find affordable supplies to DIY your own wreath this fall.
  • DIY Checkered Frame | Fun and Easy Decor Trend
    This year, the checkered pattern has become a popular home design trend and I love it! Incorporating a checkered pattern into your home decor is a great way to add a modern element to the design. I am joining the checkered trend bandwagon with this easy DIY checkered frame project!
  • Ugly Concrete Makeover | How to Paint a Patio
    Is your concrete patio looking dull and uninviting? It’s time to give it a fresh new look with a coat of paint. Painting your concrete patio is a simple yet effective way to transform its appearance and bring new life to your outdoor space.
  • Painting Furniture DIY | Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
    Painting furniture is my favorite budget-friendly DIY when I need a fresh new look while decorating a space. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIYer, this guide has all the information you need to successfully paint your furniture and create a beautiful, customized piece for your home.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Hanging a Window Box
    If you’re looking to add some charm and beauty to your home, hanging a window box is a great option. Whether you want to showcase colorful flowers or grow your own herbs, this ultimate guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to make the process of hanging a window box a breeze.
  • 8 DIY Garden Edging Ideas for a Beautiful Yard
    If you’re looking to spruce up your garden and add some visual interest, consider adding some DIY garden edging. Not only does it add beauty and definition to your yard, but it can also help keep your garden organized and prevent plants from spilling over into unwanted areas. Here are 8 creative ideas to get you started.
  • How to Paint a Shed Yourself | Beginner’s Guide
    If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, painting your shed is a great place to start. With a little bit of time and effort, you can transform your shed into a beautiful and eye-catching feature of your outdoor space. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIYer, this guide will walk you through the steps to paint your shed like a pro.