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Master Bathroom Renovation at Flip 3

 I am so excited to take you through my favorite project of our third house, the master bathroom renovation! Our previous house had an amazing master closet and master bathroom, so when we moved into our new house, the outdated and small master bath…

February 13, 2020
Home Improvement

Half Bath Renovation Challenge – Week 3 Progress

Week 3 of the Half Bath Renovation Challenge and we are making some good progress! First, I want to apologize for missing the update post last week!  Work got crazy and then I jetted off to Tulum for my friends bachelorette party where there…

September 24, 2019
Home Improvement

Half Bath Renovation Challenge

I am excited to announce that I am participating in a half bath renovation challenge with my friend, Christie, from The Denverette!  Christie and I both share a passion for DIY and wanted a little kick in the butt to finally start our renovation…

August 26, 2019
Home Improvement

Half Bath Renovation Challenge is Complete!

Drum roll please! My tiny, dingy, dated half bathroom has had a major makeover! We extended the challenge by a week to complete the finishing touches and it was well worth it. Check out the results! Half Bathroom Makeover Vanity Updates The vanity base…

August 23, 2019
Home Improvement Podcast

3 Common Fears About a Bathroom Remodel

On today’s episode of From the Nest Podcast, Chris and I discuss the three common fears that homeowners face when deciding to tackle a bathroom remodel. Are you considering a bathroom renovation? I am sure you have experienced at least one of these common…

August 8, 2019
Home Improvement

Guest Bathroom Renovation at Flip 3

When we first moved into our third flip, the guest bathroom was way too big. We cut it down to 1/3 its original size and used the rest for the master suite. I would much rather have a large master bathroom than an oversized…

August 5, 2019
Home Improvement

Adding A Bathroom to Our Basement

Our first project we had planned for Flip 3 was to add a bathroom in our basement. We had big plans for the master bathroom and guest bath upstairs, but needed a functioning one while those were under construction. We also planned to create…

August 1, 2019
Home Improvement

DIY a Frame for your Builder Grade Mirror

This weekend we were able to DIY a frame around our builder grade mirror to complete the master bathroom renovation! Our bathroom renovation was in the “95% complete club” but still needed some character and this quick project was the perfect remedy. Last week…

August 1, 2019